At Getac we believe safety, above all achievements, is the success that matters the most. Our Getac Select® Solutions are
inherently rugged, equipped with Ingress Protection (IP), and offer ANSI/UL, ATEX or IECEx certification at your request.
We are here to help you work safely and effectively in challenging weather conditions, hazardous environments and other
difficult conditions, whether you are in extreme heat, working with explosives, or driving forklift trucks in the warehouse.


According to the National Safety Council, in 2020 the U.S. experienced 55.4 million injuries1; over 3 million non-fatal accidents and
3,272 fatal accidents are reported annually in Europe2 , according to European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA Europe);
and an International Labor Organization report shows that 340 million workplace accidents happen every year globally3.
We see there is plenty of room for workplace safety improvement, and technology is a key part of the solution.
At Getac, we endeavor to ensure the safety and health of our employees through policies, measures and education.
We prioritize safety for our customers too. Our solutions are designed to help you work safely and securely
while focusing on the task at hand with full peace of mind.
To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we want to underscore how the creation
of a safe work environment is the foundation for business and personal success.

1: National Safety Council, 2021/12/16; 2: OSHA Europe, 2021/5/18; 3: International Labor Organization, 2022/4/6


For enterprises, peak performance means optimizing safety as well as output, and requires technology that is fit-for-purpose.

discover how rugged TECHNOLOGY
upholds workplace safety

Getac Select® Solutions
Support Your Success

Getac advocates for environmental protection and carbon neutrality through promoting
green manufacturing processes and the usage of sustainable production materials.
Our Getac Select® Solutions are designed to function in rugged and extreme environments,
and it plays an important role in supporting the success for those working in
conservation and environmental protection.


Every $1 USD donated plants one tree with One Tree Planted

As achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 becomes the world’s most urgent mission,
Getac is reaffirming its commitment to sustainability by joining hands with
One Tree Planted, an NGO that focuses on global reforestation,
which matches with our vision and goal of a greener future.
Inspired by our customers from the public safety, natural resources,
and environmental protection sectors, the collaboration sees both organizations
working together to raise funds that will contribute to restoring forestry and climate stability.
We like to invite our partners and customers to join us to make a difference,
together, we move one step closer to a better future we visioned.
All proceeds raised will go to reforestry projects worldwide,
where much of the ecosystem has been impacted by forest fires in the past few years.



*Getac will match donations up to 15,000 trees until May 31ST 2022

  • The Kreis (district) of Borken in Germany carries out around 22,000 rescue missions per year, including 16,000 ambulance transports and more than 5,000 emergency doctor missions. The fully rugged UX10-IP tablet impresses them not only with its speed and extreme durability, which enables reliable work, (even after drops or other heavy impacts), but also with the performance of its batteries, which can be constantly charged via Havis docking stations. When away from the docking stations, the device’s long battery life guarantees stable, reliable operation over long periods of time, even when the units are heavily used. Meanwhile, when calls are transmitted to an ambulance via the control centre, the device’s robust connectivity allows the response team to receive all the recorded information and patient data directly on their UX10-IP devices. As one of the district’s emergency responders put it, “The device is incredibly practical, the batteries last longer than a day. It runs even faster and smoother than previous devices and is therefore ideal for our purposes. Every time we go out on a call, we notice that the UX10-IP is even more powerful and allows faster data transfers for our emergency services.” With the fully robust Getac UX10-IP tablet, the district’s emergency medical personnel are now optimally equipped for patient care and can manage all the mission-critical data required with maximal efficiency. In short, the UX10-IP is helping the district set a new course for the digital future of its rescue services.
    Kreis Borken: Ensuring Robust Reliability for Life-Saving Missions with Getac UX10-IP
  • The benefits of Digital China and Getac’s innovative partnership have already proven substantial, including inbound and outbound time reductions of 150 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively, average inbound/outbound documentation reductions of 70%, and near-100% inbound rate accuracy. “Providing our customers with comprehensive smart solutions is our business vision,” noted the general manager of Digital China’s Internet of Things department, “and Getac’s rugged UX10, F110, and T800 tablets deliver exactly what they need. Not only do they offer extraordinary durability and reliability, they also integrate perfectly with our warehouse logistics software and radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning solutions, guaranteeing exceptional performance for our customers.” In short, Digital China’s collaboration with Getac has already delivered dramatic benefits, addressing a host of complicated real-world warehouse pain points to enable Digital China to provide even better service to their millions of customers.
    Getac’s UX10 Rugged Tablets Power Digital China’s State-of-the-Art Warehouse Automation Solutions
  • Working for Getac has been an amazing experience from the beginning. I feel genuinely valued for my suggestions and ideas. Leadership proactively seeks out my opinions on ways to improve our business and processes to make the deployment experience more streamlined and enjoyable for our customers. I thoroughly enjoy working with my management team and coworkers. The Getac culture amplifies a healthy work-life balance that is supported by excellent benefits. I have and will continue to recommend Getac to everyone as being an exemplary place to work!

    Davin Perkins -Deployment Coordinator
  • One major benefit of working at Getac is being surrounded by industry professionals who truly care and are passionate about the products/solutions they provide. Our solutions often find themselves in some of the most adverse work environments imaginable, and it's because of this that everyone here at Getac understands the importance of the role they play as their contributions could directly affect the safety and wellbeing of our end-users. We provide rugged solutions backed by passionate people.

    Jonah Meyer – Marketing Coordinator
  • I am proud to be part of the global Getac family. The work culture at Getac is by far the best that I have experienced throughout my career. Leadership is approachable and genuinely cares about their employees. Due to the size of our organization, I not only get to work on many areas of accounting, but I also get to work with all the teams in our organization. Getac has provided me with opportunities for growth, and I’m fortunate to work with very experienced mentors.

    Katty Zakariah - Senior Accountant

    “Getac is grateful for all participants who joined us to contribute to a greener future. As a gesture of gratitude, Getac matches all donations made before the end of May 2022, and we’ll continue our commitment to being environmentally responsible on a global level.”

    - Getac Technology Corporation


    “Stay healthy!”

    - Vanessa, The Hoffman Agency


    “Hope the planet remains healthy with everyone's help.”

    - Anonymous, Peason Ltd.


    “Happy Earth Day!”

    - Virginia, The Hoffman Agency


    “We only have one Mother Earth!”

    - Cinny, CY Holdings Limited


    “Every day should be earth day!”

    - Stephen, The Hoffman Agency


    “Wishing for a green planet to next generations!”

    - Stefania, CIE Telematica


    “Let's make this world a better place for our children!”

    - Anonymous, Getac Technology Corporation


    “Ogni giorno è il Giorno della Terra (Every day is Earth Day).”

    - Anonymous, Zulu Medical SRL

  • Beth Nagy

    I was sold on GETAC during my first interview when Mika told me they know the names of employees’ dogs. Beyond pay and benefits, which are great, the culture at GETAC is better than any company I have ever worked at. GETAC has leaders dedicated to the success of the company and the employees, leadership is transparent and has long and short-term plans for success. Leadership is open about problems as well as successes and seeks feedback from employees. Trust and engagement from leadership and employees is also a key reason GETAC is such a great place to work and the trust and engagement go both ways at GETAC. Leadership is also very approachable and accessible. What I like most about working at GETAC is absolutely the culture and the way co-workers are so close and support one another.

    Beth Nagy - RSM
  • Tony DiBenedetto
    I have been at Getac for 6+ years as the Canadian Sales Manager. It has been a great ride so far. Getac, as a company, allows its employees to flourish in their job by allowing them to be creative and always listening to their ideas without prejudice. That is one of the main reasons I am still here. People here truly want and do help each other out. That willingness is fostered from the top down. Getac is a place that welcomes all, as evident by its diverse personnel. You will feel comfortable here and I would not hesitate to recommend Getac as a place to improve your career.
    Tony DiBenedetto - RSM
  • Working for Getac has provided the flexibility, autonomy, and professional connections that empower me to make meaningful contributions to the company and our shared goals. After 2 and a half years, the leadership has made me feel valued and are open to new ideas and opportunities that I present. It feels awesome to have a team behind you that support “outside of the box” thinking and appreciates the energy and experience I bring to the table!As a former AF officer, “service before self” was a core value instilled in me at a very young age. Daily I see how Getac’s dedication to serve its customers elevates my ability to excel in my position. I see one of Getac’s core values exercised by my teammates every day and it’s inspiring.As a capture manager, the Getac leadership team has afforded me the flexibility to be proactive and reactive as my teammate's needs change. Every day is different and I love it! I get to work with the Sales Teams, Product Solutions Team, Service Team, Marketing, and our awesome resellers and distributors. The passion these folks have for the lineup of Getac rugged products, solutions, and services is contagious and I am so proud to be part of this organization.
    Tammy Tubbs - Capture Manager
  • The company culture at Getac is truly unique. We have both strong leadership and a collaborative environment, where every team member knows, they can contribute to the success of the company. We are a small but large company. The teams are small so you can truly see your individual contribution, but we are large enough to battle the name-brand competitors and win. The people at Getac are why we are a successful company. We have clearly defined the roles and responsibilities of each team member, so the teamwork is fluid. Each team member is eager to help the others toward the goal of our collective success. The inside sales role over my 5 years at Getac has maintained one theme: Team Player. Inside Sales is a critical part of the sales team. We help link the outside Regional Sales Managers and Solutions Architects to the other departments. We work in three-person teams on every project, which allows each of us to bring a unique perspective to the process. We get to collaborate and learn from tested sales professionals to improve our own sales skills. Mentorship is strong in Getac, and I hope to one day have a leadership role where I can mentor others.The values at Getac support each employee in their current role and strive to endorse personal growth. The diversity and inclusion supplied by our organizational development team help support a unified mission everyone feels a part of. From the smallest team-building events to the overall inclusive company policies, Getac supports each employee and celebrates our individuality.I count myself blessed to be a part of this amazing company and to get to work with my team. The mentorship and training Getac delivers has greatly improved my professional career.
    Chris Hurtado - Inside Sales
  • Corrie Griffiths
    I enjoy working at Getac because I feel valued as an individual, and I get to work closely with a team that appreciates each other and our work. In my position, I like that I work on a wide array of projects, allowing me to broaden my skills. I also have reoccurring projects that enable me to track progress and improve the results over time. I find that management takes a genuine interest in each of us, making sure we are utilizing our strengths but also improving skills where needed.The company culture is very solid at Getac. Even though we have all been working remotely, significant effort is made to maintain and boost the company culture - from fun social events to monthly company-wide calls to keep everyone updated. But other than these scheduled meetings and events, we all rely on each other daily and have a strong sense of teamwork at Getac. Whether it be within my department or across departments, I am constantly working and collaborating with others to improve the work we are putting out and achieve our goals. I find the team to be very diverse - different ages, backgrounds, and interests. However, there is a strong sense of community as everyone works well together and shares similar values.
    Corrie Griffiths - Marketing Specialist

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment
by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild
forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity.

"We are grateful for the support of businesses like Getac who are passionate about making a positive impact for the environment. The trees we'll plant together will create lasting benefits for wildfire relief and climate stability."

- Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager of One Tree Planted

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Getac Select® Solutions
Support Your Success

Behind every successful woman lies a story of strength. As we look at the past year, we’ve seen women from all walks of life grow from the challenges that were thrown their way. From acting as a key decision maker, supporting a family or fighting a fire, these women do it all. In challenging work environments, where unpredictable situations are part of our everyday, Getac’s industry-proven solutions are built to thrive under any kind of extreme environment, and these women did the same - they soared to even higher highs.

This International Women’s Day, we want to honour the success of these women. Let’s celebrate and learn from their success - together, we can rise above any challenge.
Saluting Success!

The Cornerstone Behind the
Success of Strong Women

Last year, we were inspired by the stories of strong women in diverse industries. In 2022, Getac explores the secret strength that lies behind their success. Whether it is trust and reliability, equality, balance, or efficiency, the support that these women lean on are similar to how Getac Select® solutions value-add to women in power, regardless of industry.
The Bedrock of Women’s Success in Challenging Work Environments

Getac sees technology as a tool that can help achieve gender parity while ensuring the women in its network receive maximum opportunities to thrive.

How Tech Can Augment Women Talent and Further Equality in Sports

Discover how a sailing coach’s experience highlights technology’s ability to build confidence and spur higher achievement in a challenging and competitive field.