Green Technology. A Sustainable Future.

Getac cares about the environment. We have implemented strict policies to ensure our material parts, products, packing and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. We are proud to partner with organizations around the globe to bring awareness and help implement solutions to the environmental issues the world is facing. As a certified green manufacturer Getac has been independently tested and received environmental certifications including EPEAT®, RoHS Directive, REACH Regulation, and ENERGY STAR®. We believe in, and actively pursue innovation that will continue to lessen the environmental impact of electronics manufacturing to improve the quality of human life and protect the planet.


Italy’s coast is WonderFull

The Mediterranean is home to incredible biodiversity, territorial diversity, landscape, and history. Yet, it isn’t immune to the changes and pollution that have impacted the planet in recent years. In 2019, a handful of organizations, including Getac, joined together to create a multimedia project to inform the world and raise awareness about the health of our planet: WonderFull: The 7 Coasts of Italy. The project captured photos and video, to bring awareness to the general public and also included biological surveys and water ecological research on Italy’s seven coasts. Getac’s technology solutions were used by research ships as they collected and processed data about the changes in species structure, coastal erosion, the status of plastic particle pollution, and explored the use of renewable energy on the coastline.


Xtractor Around the World

In 2018, four tractors set out from Cape Town, South Africa, to drive 8,000 km across the country to Pretoria, South Africa. Their mission? To bring awareness to the agricultural and environmental issues our planet faces in the coming decades; specifically, respect for the environment, responsible use of resources, sustainability, nutrition, and health. Getac solutions were along for the ride, providing rugged technology that kept the tractors and volunteer teams connected during the 50-day expedition.


Addressing marine debris: Tangaroa Blue Foundation

Not only are our solutions built keeping environmental standards in mind, but we are also outfitting on-the-ground organizations working to clean up the planet. For more than six years, Getac solutions have been the chosen device for the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an Australian not-for-profit organization working to prevent debris from entering waterways and remove the trash already present. The Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI), created by the foundation, identifies sources of waterway litter in an effort to stop the flow of trash at the source.


Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

Should the unexpected happen, our Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty provides rapid repair and return by Getac experts. With accidental damage now included in our 3 or 5-year warranty packages, you will be back up and running within days.

Extended Warranty

Add years to your standard warranty and extend your product’s life cycle with Getac’s extended warranties for your device, batteries, third-party accessories, and custom solutions.
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