Getac Body-Worn Cameras

Getac is setting new standards in body-worn camera technology. Engineered rugged, Getac body-worn cameras operate in the harshest conditions and the most challenging environment to keep your officers connected + protected. With Getac, the truth is always in plain sight!

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Getac body-worn cameras deliver a stunning, high-definition visual experience unaffected in low light conditions. They are engineered to be among the most compact and lightweight in their class while capable of withstanding impacts, water, and extreme temperatures. When duty calls, Getac stands ready!


Body-Worn Camera

The Getac Body-Worn Camera delivers ultra-wide angle, full HD video, even in low-light conditions.

Body-Worn Camera

With its 4K Ultra HD video performance and dual SIM card slots, the BC-04 bodycam is a standout performer in public safety, and private security deployments.

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