CA-NF42 4K Ultra HD Dual Lens Camera

Your AI-Enabled In-Vehicle Situational Awareness Camera

With its dual 4K cameras and AI-enabled auto license plate recognition (ALPR), the ZeroDark CA-NF42 in-vehicle camera provides unprecedented visibility and capability on patrol.

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With two integrated cameras each outputting 4K HDR video, CA-NF42 delivers clear detailed imagery with superb low-light performance and minimal video noise, even when displayed on large screens. And with its wide field of view (FOV), traffic stops and other on-camera events are kept entirely in view.

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With its AI-enabled license plate recognition (LPR), CA-NF42 enhances situational and tactical awareness, both in the field and at headquarters. Officers can mind the road and their surroundings during vehicle searches. Vehicles of interest can be found more efficiently. Policework can be done faster and safer.

*For full details of the warranty protection, see the Terms and Conditions. 1 Year Warranty
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CA-NF42 Features

Auto License Plate Recognition

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables automated license plate recognition (LPR) from up to 65 feet away, enabling faster tracking down of vehicles and smoother, safer driving.

Dual 4K Resolution

Both the wide-angle and standard camera feature up to 4K Ultra HD resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) encoding for clear detailed images in any ambient lighting.

Wide Field of View (FOV)

A wide field of vision helps keep traffic stops and other events entirely on camera, while providing a broader view of what’s happening in a scene’s surroundings.

Low Light Viewing

Both cameras deliver superb low-light performance with minimal visual noise in dim, ambient, or indirect lighting.

CA-NF42 Technical Specifications

Left - Camera 1
Focal Length


FOV (Field of view)

150° Diagonal / 133° Horizontal / 77° Vertical



View Type

Panoramic View


Color 0.03, nighttime low-light recording

Right - Camera 2
Focal Length


FOV (Field of view)

59° Diagonal / 53° Horizontal / 31° Vertical



View Type

Normal View for ALPR


Color 0.03, nighttime low-light recording


Power over Ethernet (POE)

Video Output Format

H.264, H.265

Video Output Resolution

3840x2160 (UltraHD), 2560x1440 (QuadHD), 1920×1080 (FHD)

Video Output Frame Rate

30 fps, 15 fps

Connectivity Interface


Operating Temperature

-30° to 60 °C / -22° to 140° F

Dimensions (W x D x H)

83 x 100 x 34mm (3.27” x 3.94” x 1.34”)


281g (0.62lbs)

Rugged Features


Mount Options

Mounting Arm


1-year standard limited warranty

* Extended plans available.

Specification subject to change. Custom options are available based on customer specifications.

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