Utility Vegetation Management

Contact between utility electric infrastructure and vegetation poses a serious risk of wildfire. To manage this risk effectively and ensure the safety of the public, a vegetation management plan that keeps the right trees in the right places is necessary. Getac rugged solutions bring professionals the tools to perform at a high level and accurately track performance.

Our Uptime Is Your Uptime

An accidental drop won't make you lose a day of work in a remote area. With military-level ruggedness (up to MIL-STD-810H) and reliable water and dust resistance (up to IP67), Getac laptops and tablets will keep working in challenging scenarios. 

Lightweight Computers

Utility arborists and foresters travel significant distances with their equipment to identify high-risk areas and encroaching vegetation and proceed to prune trees when needed. Getac lightweight tablets and laptops, and convenient carrying accessories, make this demanding task more manageable.


Navigating forest areas, recording data about trees to be removed or pruned, and performing other tasks under bright sunlight is not a problem anymore. Getac computers' up to 1400-nit displays and Lumi-Bond 2.0 technology keep data and maps readable.

Stay Connected in the Field

Access to your work orders and GIS maps is essential in the high-volume work environment and critical tracking of the jobs at hand. Many of today's applications are served in an online mode. Getac provides connected options, including 5G-compatible devices, 4G LTE, and powerful Wi-Fi 6 encapsulated in a rugged design to protect that connection.

Utility Vegetation Management 
Helping Fulfil Standards

Pruning trees following the applicable ANSI A300
standards is increasingly seen as a mark of proper vegetation management. By allowing reliable access to data, checklists, and other support, the Getac rugged solution suite provides you the options to find the device that works for your organization.

Utility Vegetation Management 
Enabling Big Data

Vegetation risk, ignition, fault, and outage data need to be analyzed to optimize vegetation management, enabling utility companies to establish appropriate performance targets. Thus accurately recording and collecting the results of inspections analysis is vital. A reliable, connected, rugged field designed Getac solution is an ideal platform to ensure the right data is being entered.

Utility Vegetation Management 
Focus on Line Clearance, Forget about Battery

An inspection or execution of a tree pruning/removal plan can take time, and access to a place to recharge might not be readily available. With options such as dual battery, extended battery, and hot-swappable battery devices, work does not need to stop when a battery runs out of power.

What is "Getac Select® Solutions?"

As a leader in providing rugged mobile solutions in the industry, we listen to customers and take our customer service to the next level. We understand the challenges in your daily business and the concerns you may have while selecting suitable solutions to achieve your business objectives. Getac now offers a comprehensive industry-focused solutions program, called Getac Select® Solutions. Combining our years of industry knowledge and our global deployment excellence, Getac Select® Solutions collates the most appropriate solution options for you to choose from.


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Utility Vegetation Management 
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Utility Vegetation Management 
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Utility Vegetation Management 
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Utility Vegetation Management 
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Utility Vegetation Management 
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Utility Vegetation Management 
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