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Frisco Police Department

" The officers chose this. They had to specify what they wanted as we going through the whole process and when they came back with their recommendations every single one of them picked Getac" Barry Turner, Manager of Radio Operations & Public Safety Technology for Frisco PD.

Frisco purchased Getac F110 fully rugged tablets to be deployed in the department patrol cars. The F110s flawlessly handle hall typical in-car police computer functions plus monitoring cameras in public buildings. Frisco also deployed Getac V110 convertible laptops for use by CSI investigators, dispatchers, and technical staff. The laptops provide outstanding connection performance and stability in Frisco's increasingly dense environments and up to three times wireless data speeds than previous technology.

City of Pueblo

The City of Pueblo outfits their police, firefighters & public works with Getac devices. Over 150 Getac V110 notebooks have been deployed. It’s lightweight, convertible, and is equipped with the latest Intel processors and a sunlight-readable display. Compared to competitors, the dedicated GPS within the laptop offers twice the search capacity, faster location positioning and improved accuracy.

Serving the community is a rigorous, crucial, and demanding profession, and the Getac V110 can truly live up to the challenge.

911 Central County Emergency Department

Central County uses Getac’s V110 convertible tablets to speed up St. Louis area responder rates. The lightweight, rugged laptop provides 220 ambulance and fire trucks with unparalleled graphic applications crucial to locating hotspots and supplying rescue crews. It works well with the dispatching program and allows automated “fastest on scene” first responder and backup unit routing. The Getac V110 truly boosts situational awareness and cuts response time considerably.

Monroe Ambulance

Monroe County Ambulance services 1,200+ square miles of New York largest cities, much of the area is very rural. Connectivity was a must for real-time communication and access to patient records and medical history. Using Getac V110 phenomenal LTE connectivity, external antenna unneeded even in rural areas. The lightweight convertible notebook is rugged and durable. There's no failures in 4 years of 'hard, sometimes brutal' use.

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