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We provide rugged mobile computing that delivers precision, accuracy and reliability.

Success Stories

We are happy to have Getac with us. It has provided us a sense of reliability for our daily routine job.”
Zoltán Simon, IT Manager, EDF

RTC Communications

"Outside of providing a rugged solution at a competitive cost, it was the Getac team's commitment to superior service and our experience working with your team that exceeded expectations and ultimately solidified our decision to roll out K120 devices." Tyson Kalischuk, CFO

Equipped with Getac K120 tablets, the RTC team of technicians are now able to streamline their service operations and installation processes; resulting in improved internal efficiencies, enhanced customer service, and overall company capabilities when it comes to servicing their customer base.


Temperatures can reach extremely high levels in boiler rooms and dust in construction sites makes it difficult to operate a tablet. Getac answers this challenge with its rugged T800 tablet. Its combination of multiple connectivity options, powerful processor and state-of-the-art touchscreen and sturdy build provide field technicians with valuable ally.

"Since using the Getac tablet, hardware incidents have decreased by 98% and we believe that these savings will continue to improve as we continue to purchase Getac's tablets" Juan Francisco de la Torre Laguna, IT Director REMICA

Leipziger Wasserwerke

For the operation and maintenance of the water infrastructure in Leipzig and the surrounding communities, field staff depends on reliable mobile devices for use in harsh environments. The extremely rugged V110 notebook is ideal for use in the field, as it combines the functionality of a laptop with the mobility of a tablet. For efficient handling of daily tasks, the Leipzig-based Waterworks benefit from reliable, robust hardware solutions with a high performance battery, flexible operating concepts and displays that are easy to read at any time of the day or night.

Taiwan Tianhou Temple

The Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture of Taiwan successfully finished the digital preservation project of Lugang’s Mazu Temple using Getac’s K120 to do 3D scanning and modeling. The 3D models of the monuments and artifacts that were generated will contribute to future restoration and maintenance efforts. This data can also be used in remote learning, virtual exhibitions, and other value-added activities.

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