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Getac F110 Fully Rugged Tablets Ensure Transportation Safety by Providing Real-time Video Surveillance for Lithuanian Railways
Lithuanian Railways is the national, state-owned railway company of Lithuania. It has over 150 years of history and a network that covers nearly 2,000 kilometers of railroad tracks.
Transportation & Logistics
Optalert chooses Getac rugged ZX70 tablet to support its real-time drowsiness monitoring system
Optalert is an innovative medtech company and leader in the field of drowsiness and wakefulness measurement and monitoring.
Transportation & Logistics
Getac K120 rugged tablet used to 3D scan and model Lugang Mazu Temple, preserving its valuable cultural assets
LeaderTek used the Getac rugged tablet in combination with 3D laser scanners to complete the digital modeling of Lugang Mazu Temple.
Vaillant Relies on Getac’s V110 Convertible Notebook to Increase Reliability and Ease of Use in its Customer Operations
Vaillant offers energy-saving and eco-friendly systems for heating, cooling and hot water, based primarily on renewable energies.
Industrial Manufacturing
Getac’s rugged devices help AMA further develop their AR remote assistance solutions into challenging environments
AMA is an international company that makes remote support easy and efficient for industrial organisations and field service workers.
F110, UX10-EX
Industrial Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Utilities
Getac’s F110 Fully Rugged Tablets Keep Botek’s RFID Bin Management Solutions Operating at Peak Efficiency, Whatever the Weather
Getac F110 and Havis Secure Vehicle Docks delivers solid reliability
Transportation & Logistics
Getac Rugged Solutions Help the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team Operate Effectively Under Pressure
Search and rescue operations often take place in very challenging conditions, including heavy rain and snow, as well as in remote areas of the national park, which can make coordination difficult without the right equipment.
F110, ZX70
Public Safety
Make Underground Supply Networks Visible: Leica Geosystems Relies on Fully Robust F110 Tablet from Getac
Using the F110 as an integral part of the geosystem, Leica provides an unparalleled, user-friendly way to get reliable information to the ground anytime, anywhere.

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