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The new F110 fully-rugged tablet LEARN MORE ABOUT F110
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Why Choose Getac?

  • “Getac F110-EX delivers high-end, lasting processing abilities in an ergonomic and rugged package. Its durable body can withstand moisture, dust, extreme temperatures and drops which are common challenges in the underground mining industry without being bulky or heavy. The version we use comes with Intel Core i7 processors, so there’s plenty of power here to quickly move through computation-intensive applications while increasing overall power efficiency, and a dual battery system means you can easily swap them out without having to pause, thus extending the work time of the solution. Reutech Mining SSP perfectly fits with Getac F110-EX rugged tablet in a package that provides incomparable real-time geotechnical risk management in underground mining.”

    Aleksei Medvedev, Head of Project, VIST Group

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  • “The breadth of Getac’s catalogue and its coherence allowed us to offer multiple options depending on customer needs and to ensure that we always meet their expectations at the best price possible. Getac’s wide range of accessories and connections allowed us to answer positively to customization requests from high end customers with very specific needs”

    Charlie Pinedo, Head of Operations, CerbAir

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  • “Fire fighters have to deal with new challenges and extreme weather conditions every day. They must also be able to rely on vehicles that are equipped with advanced technology that can precisely identify the geographical position of an incident and immediately understand the emergency situation at hand. All the critical events that are typical of this job put crews under extreme pressure. This is why fire fighters today need reliable tools like the Getac F110 fully rugged tablet to deal with these challenges confidently.”

    Thomas Hartinger – Rosenbauer EMEREC Mobile Information System Manager

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