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Why do transport, logistics and warehousing professionals choose Getac?

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“With easy-to-use design and comprehensive connectivity, Getac S-series is definitely the solution we are looking for. Its overall quality and performance adequately meets our specific requirements. The S-series is the rugged notebook offering the best cost and performance ratio ever.”
Tanguy de Lorgeril, Department of Special Tooling, Bombardier Transportation


The Genoa based Spinelli Group is the leading Italian provider of port and intermodal transport logistics solutions; it needed to find a rugged and reliable solution to manage the information flow digitising process between the port terminal and Head Office.

The F110 tablet installed in the reach stackers on a dock station, and the T800 provided to operators with a support belt so they can work hands-free, along with the software solution developed in-house by the Spinelli Group, have simplified and sped up data reception and transmission methods from the port area to the Group's headquarters, and vice versa.

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport has a sophisticated underground hydrant system that sends fuel directly to the boarding gates. The challenge comes from making sure the right planes are given the correct amount of fuel in a very narrow window time. Centralized control and automation of the refueling process through the F110 greatly reduces the possibility of human error leading to flight delays.

“In our work, connectivity is very important. We need to connect the tablet with the vehicle, the meter, the printer, and the dispatcher. Ruggedness is also important because failure will cause delays. All in all, Getac tablets make our work around 60% more efficient.” Seyfullah Yavuz, Delivery Facility Operation Chief, İGA Airport Fuel Services

KWH Freeze

KWH Freeze is the largest frozen storage provider in Finland and conditions can be extremely challenging for IT equipment, particularly in the warehouse where a temperature of -23° Celsius is maintained.

Getac’s B360 fully rugged laptop delivers all the power and rugged reliability that KWH Freeze requires in a compact and lightweight form factor. Market-leading processing power and connectivity offers optimum productivity from anywhere in the warehouse, while MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-461G and IP66 certifications mean it can easily withstand the cold temperatures found in the warehouse.


The ruggedness and robustness of the Getac ZX70 tablet makes it the right hardware platform for Optalert. The Getac ZX70 operates reliably in extremely hot and cold environments, as well as being built to withstand dust, liquids, drops, shocks, and vibrations, which are capabilities that are critical in delivering fatigue management and early-warning drowsiness detection systems.

Optalert is still operating Getac rugged devices in the field after six years, proving their longevity and reliability even in challenging environments.

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