Airport Management

Busy airports operate according to strict timetables around the clock, meaning even the slightest delay to cargo loading/unloading and aircraft acceptance can cause significant disruption and expenses. Getac devices are highly reliable in even the most extreme conditions, making them essential for effective airport operations and minimising turnaround time.

Minimising Aircraft Turnaround Time

The biggest challenge to airport management professionals is minimising aircraft turnaround time while ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards. A rugged digitised solution is crucial to ensuring efficiency, and Getac has the experience and technology required for it. Access to real-time information results in services being performed in a shorter span. From runways to aprons, including the airport terminal itself, our computing solutions can deliver significant airport performance improvements.

Reduced Delays, Less Errors

Our solutions have been successfully used to automate aeroplane refuelling and other airport maintenance-related procedures, bringing increased reliability and reduced costs (both in time and money) from human errors.

Sunlight-Readable Touchscreen

Our LumiBond®2.0 technology delivers improved touch control (under the rain, with gloves and also with a stylus), and provides a display that is more readable both indoors and outdoors, with better contrast and crisper colours. Under the sunlight or in the rain, our devices’ highly readable screens help professionals access the information they need.

Engineering and Support

Airports make use of a variety of different software and hardware systems, and having your computing solution properly integrated is vital for success. Getac delivers best-in-class engineering services and customer support, ranging from regular security patches and software updates to the provision of API and SDKs, software imaging, product kitting, joint development of docking, and bespoke logistic vehicle equipment.

Airport Management
Long Battery Life

Whether on the runway or inside the terminals, airport work often requires constant operation during long shifts. In addition to the long battery life of our devices, our solution also includes products with dual, hot-swap and bridge battery options.

Airport Management
Integrated Solutions

Getting the right mount and accessories such as passport or barcode readers is as important as having good rugged devices. We work closely with our partners to deliver an integrated solution that includes hardware, docking, mounting kits, mobile power supplies, security and connectivity software, and other accessories to bring you complete peace of mind.

Airport Management
One-Handed Operation with Digitiser Pen

By adopting a digital solution that can send data wirelessly, airports increased efficiency. Trips back to the office to input data and other costs can be reduced, and response times improve because data becomes available to management in real-time. Our digitiser pen (optional) and stylus also help replace pen and paper for record-keeping, making data easier to preserve and transfer and helping digitalise your operations.

Airport Management
Continuous Connectivity with Wi-Fi and 4G LTE

From communications, including instructions and reports to the transmission of documents, continuous always-on connectivity is vital for an airport management solution. With dedicated GPS, 4G and IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi, our solutions help professionals ensure the safety of passengers and their own. If the airport Wi-Fi network fails, the device can seamlessly switch to another connection type, allowing for continuous operation.

Airport Management
Ruggedness that Saves You Money

Getac solutions are inherently rugged, certified by international third parties to MIL-STD 810H, and up to IP67 standards. They thrive in extreme weather conditions and withstand impacts, vibrations, harsh temperatures, humidity, dust, and drops up to six foot. Getac fully rugged computers deliver excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), with one of the lowest average failure rates in the industry and an industry-leading three-year warranty that covers accidental damage with our Bumper to Bumper service as standard.

What is "Getac Select® Solutions?"

As a leader in providing rugged mobile solutions in the industry, we listen to customers and want to take our Customer Experiences to the next level. We understand the challenges in your daily business and the frustrations you may have while selecting suitable solutions to achieve your business objectives or solving these challenges. To further separate Getac from the competition, Getac now offers a comprehensive Industry solutions program, called “Getac Select® Solutions”. With our years of industry knowledge and experience, and combined with our successful deployments to our customers globally, “Getac Select® Solutions” shortlists the most appropriate solution options for you to choose from.


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Absolute Software Corporation
Partner Solutions

Absolute Software is a leader in next generation Endpoint Resilience™ solutions, delivering a unique security platform that unites self-healing devices, applications, and network connectivity.

Airgain, Inc.
Partner Solutions

Airgain is a leading provider of advanced embedded, antenna, and integrated connectivity technologies to enable high-performance wireless networking across a broad range of devices and markets.

Partner Solutions

  • IP67

  • MIL-STD 810G

EX80 (Saudi Arabia Only)
Tablets | Fully Rugged | 8-Inch | Windows

The ruggedly designed EX80 tablet delivers Windows touchscreen technology to the frontlines of the oil and gas industry.

  • IP66

  • MIL-STD 461G

  • MIL-STD 810H

Tablets | Fully Rugged | 11.6-Inch | Windows

The F110 was named the Best Rugged Tablet in 2021 by ZDNet and in 2023 by TechRadar. It has a slim form factor and an 11.6-inch FHD screen.


  • IP66

  • MIL-STD 810H

Tablets | Fully Rugged | 11.6-Inch | Windows

The F110-EX is an ATEX-certified, 11.6-inch fully rugged tablet that brings powerful computing capabilities for Zone 2/22 hazardous environments.

Gamber-Johnson LLC
Partner Solutions

Gamber-Johnson is a leading supplier of rugged mounting systems that safely secure mobile communication systems, computers and other electronic equipment in mobility applications.

Getac deployXpress
Software | Android

This cloud-based solution streamlines the deployment, configuration, provisioning, and over-the-air updating of Getac Android devices.

Getac Device Monitoring System
Software | Windows

GDMS tracks and monitors deployed devices, spotting potential device issues, before they impact on your field-based workforce.

Getac Driving Safety Utility
Software | Windows & Android

This software utility helps drivers to stay focused by reducing visual and manual distractions using screen blanking on the move, keeping them safe.

Getac KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility
Software | Windows

Scan barcode data into your application with the devices in-built rear camera. No hardware. No upgrades. No SDK integration required.

Getac VGPS Utility
Software | Windows

By replicating the physical GPS data to multiple virtual COM ports, VGPS helps ensure operational efficiency. One GPS, multiple applications.

Professional Services

Airport Management
Extended Bumper to Bumper (Accidental Damage Warranty)

4/5 years options

Airport Management
Extended Warranty

4/5 years options

Airport Management
Battery Warranty

2/3/4/5 year options

Airport Management
Keep Your SSD Warranty

3/4/5 years options

Airport Management
Docking Warranty
  • Getac Office Dock 1 year option
  • Vehicle Dock 3/4/5 year options
    Airport Management
    Additional Services can be delivered by Getac’s partners directly or via Getac
    • Advance Exchange Swap Services 3/4/5 year options
    • Global Warranty 3/4/5 year options

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