20 Jun 2022

Getac Select: Optimize Your Rugged Mobile TCO

The total cost of ownership (TCO) savings you get with rugged over non-rugged mobile devices can be considerable. According to VDC, the numbers indicate that a rugged tablet’s annual TCO is 54% of that of a non-rugged. Numbers such as this are average. This means some organizations save even more, while others may feel quite disappointed. Considering the higher upfront costs involved, you want your organization to be among the ones saving more, not less.

Only a modest percentage of a rugged device’s TCO savings can be guaranteed by its out-of-the-box hardware and software. The rest depends on a complex interplay of elements across the vetting, purchase, deployment, usage, maintenance, and repair processes. Technology and its usage circumstances are evolving fast. IT footprints grow faster than IT hiring and skill/resource accumulation in many organizations. Even if your organization is well-positioned, with considerable IT capabilities and prior rugged mobile PC experience, additional help can still enhance your TCO savings.

Introducing Getac Select

Getac Select optimizes the TCO of a Getac rugged computing purchase. This is done by providing solutions tailored specifically to particular industries. These include manufacturing, utilities, and public safety, comprising hardware, software, accessories, and professional services.

Getac Select solutions have their origins in Getac’s experiences with clients. We have partnered with some of our customers for over a decade across multiple product lifecycles. This enables us to offer various “off-the-rack” solutions that can be swiftly implemented for industries and organizations. There are also more tailored solutions, with either approach designed to optimize real-world TCO savings for your organization.

Accelerated Procurement

Rugged mobile PC procurement can be challenging and intimidating. If this is your first rugged mobile PC purchase, you may have only a vague idea of what hardware capabilities you need or what software capabilities are available. You’ll also be facing a rugged PC landscape with many vendors, devices, levels of ruggedness, and confusion about exactly what those levels mean. You also may face several consumer-grade vendors, some of whom will have reassuringly familiar names and tempting upfront costs. And you may also have legacy hardware and software compatibility issues to consider.

If you have rugged PC experience, many factors still exist. Given their long lifecycle, a lot may have changed since your last purchase. A lot may change before your next one. Considering the consumer-grade route, where form factors tend to change frequently, you have to worry about not just changing to the device itself. There’s also all the new accessories you might have to buy if there is a change. Additionally, there’s the added maintenance workload inherent to consumer-grade tech.

Newbie or not, you’ll also have compatibility, capability, and compliance issues to worry about. Your purchase will need to cope with whatever tech you’re still using now, whatever tech is coming along, and possible shifts in expectations regarding regulations, security, and user demands.

But Getac does more than provide technology, we provide expertise. We’re a top rugged notebook and tablet vendor worldwide, and expertise is what keeps us there. Rugged technology for purpose is what we do, giving our IT consultants the technical and industry-specific acumen you need.

Getac Select helps us determine what you need, consider what you have now, what you’re likely to have in the future, and your budget. We can also provide the accessories you’ll need (mounts, docks, cradles, etc.). Getac designs and manufactures These are all specially designed and manufactured by Getac, with nothing needing to change throughout your rugged PC’s lifecycle.

Streamlined Deployment

When it comes to IT, getting started can be the hardest part. With the Internet of Things (IoT) devices swelling the world’s IT footprints, cybersecurity and ransomware threats are ever-growing, and remote/hybrid work further complicates the admin and maintenance situation. Even if your organization has a dedicated and skilled IT team, they may be very busy. Anything that decreases the admin workload and increases your IT footprint is good.

If you don’t have such a team or access to an IT partner that can perform a similar function, deployment can potentially be a boondoggle. Configuration work is slow, tedious, laborious, and error-prone (with error determination often an equally slow, tedious, and laborious matter of trial and error). Getac Professional Services can provide a team of technical experts to support you throughout the lifecycle of your deployment.

IT administrators can pre-configure devices (SIM installation, asset tagging, kitting services) with crucial information for asset tracking, device management, and image deployment (autopilot, SCCM, Gold Build, branding) for all standard deployment technologies, ensuring compliance across organizations. Bespoke customization requirements can also be implemented and documented, with onsite technical support available if necessary.

Improved Operations

IT Administration

Getac Select can put tools in the hands of your IT administrators that make their job easier while enhancing your cybersecurity. This can be done through enhanced device deployment (deployXpress) configuration (OEMConfig), monitoring (Getac Device Monitoring System), or professional-grade support (GDMS Enterprise) for Windows devices that outsources many admin tasks to Getac.


Getac applications also enhance your field operations, whether that involves multiplying the GPS capabilities you can get from a single Getac device (VGPS), adding barcode scanning capabilities to Getac devices that otherwise lack them (KeyWedge Barcode Utility), or improving your work vehicle safety (Getac Driving Safety Utility).

Enhanced Support

IT failures mean lost productivity and more, costing thousands of dollars. Getac rugged devices are built to make these occurrences rare. Getac Select can make the few that occur a lot less painful. We offer extended bumper-to-bumper warranties for devices, accessories, and batteries. Our self-maintainer program allows you to replace consumable parts in the field. Our self-service portal enables system recovery, warranty check, service requests, driver and manual access, and more. And our hot swap & advanced exchange service enables next-business-day device replacement by our dedicated logistics team.

Making a Difference with Getac Select

In markets like the United States and Europe, where IT admin talent can be hard to find, Getac Select has proven popular. This helped propel Getac to the top in rugged tablets and notebooks in the Americas and EMEA, respectively, in Q1 of 2021. We continue refining and improving our capabilities, expanding our applicable industries, and overcoming new challenges.

As one of the leading rugged computer providers, Getac offers extensive rugged computing product lines and serves a wide range of vertical markets.

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