Getac Device Monitoring System (GDMS)

Know the Vitals for your Windows & Android Devices

GDMS helps you understand which devices are optimally working and which are not, reducing the risk of device downtime


Because you always need to protect your investment in technology

GDMS is a software solution that tracks and monitors deployed devices, spotting potential issues
before they impact on field-based personnel. GDMS helps you to maintain operational efficiency
through the monitoring of:
  • Battery performance
  • Storage
  • BSoD events
  • Forced shutdown issues
  • Device utilization
  • Firmware levels
  • Device location
  • App installation status
  • Cellular data

Optimising uptime & reliability are essential

IT managers need to keep their eye on the ball. With the integration of mobile devices into the general IT infrastructure, even the slightest
interruption can impact on:


  • Business Disruption
  • Lost Revenue
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Recovery
  • Rectification

Yet downtime is avoidable

Avoiding downtime can be as simple as ensuring users start their shift with a fully charged battery. Yet IT professionals admit to missing opportunities that could have prevented downtime and kept devices operational, citing the top two causes as:


  • Failing to notice when HDD/SSD storage is running low, or BSoD events are increasing.
  • Failing to notice that critical hardware (or software) performance is trending steadily downward.

This is where device monitoring would help to mitigate operational downtime.

Getac Device Monitoring System – proactively reducing the risk of downtime

Even the most rugged devices, known for their long operational life, need regular health-checks. If you want to make the most of your IT assets, there is one simple message – ensure every device in your network is fully maintained. Now Getac has made that easier with GDMS software. Centrally hosted and securely stored on a Microsoft Azure® Cloud Server, GDMS can proactively reduce the problems caused by device downtime.

Lost Productivity
Lost Revenue
Cost of Recovery
Cost of Reputation


Why Choose GDMS?

Easily Determine the Health of your Deployed Devices

Getac Device Monitoring System helps you monitor the health of your deployed devices from a central dashboard – have your finger on the pulse of all your devices’ health from one screen.

To maximise the value and efficiency of devices while minimizing costs, the solution includes Device Lifespan Management to assist with implementation, upgrades and retirement.

Mitigate Risk by Monitoring your Business-Critical Mobile Devices

Helping your organisation to identify potential problems and respond to them ahead of time, mitigating any risk and ensuring maximum mobile device uptime in the field.

Multiple layers of security are essential given today’s digital landscape. With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) & Password Rotation, users can login to GDMS securely for added peace of mind.

Device Monitoring System
software from Getac


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Key Features - GDMS

Monitoring & Updates

  • Hardware key items
  • Software/ Firmware OTA Updates
  • Device location (updated every 3 minutes)
  • Device Lifespan Management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Remote App installation
  • Cellular Data Visibility


  • Predict device disruptions
  • Configurable warning threshold
  • Issue categorization
  • Event notification


  • Automatic, periodical reports
  • Comprehensive executive reports

Configurable Account Management

  • Tailored fields for batch importing
  • Customisable access groups and scalable sub-groups to control user visibility
  • 2FA Security Authentication & Password Rotation



with proactive monitoring



  • Main Unit Warranty Extension
  • Battery Warranty Extension
  • Keep your SSD / HDD Warranty
  • Getac Office Dock Warranty
  • 3rd Party Vehicle Dock Warranty


  • Self-maintainer
  • Drivers & Manuals
  • Product Registration
  • FAQ & Help
  • Online Support
  • Getac Diagnostic Assistant
  • Getac System Recovery
  • Warranty Check


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