Maximise workforce productivity and streamline processes with custom-built software applications from Getac.


Listening to our customers, we have built software applications that are easy-to-use, automating processes and assisting in device uptime to increase productivity and efficiency. For organisations who rely on the performance of their mobile workforce, our software solutions help to protect the worker, accelerate rugged device deployment, and enable over-the-air updates in the field.


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Getac deployXpress
Software | Android

This cloud-based solution streamlines the deployment, configuration, provisioning, and over-the-air updating of Getac Android devices.

Getac Device Monitoring System
Software | Windows & Android

GDMS tracks and monitors deployed devices, spotting potential device issues, before they impact on your field-based workforce.

Getac Driving Safety Utility
Software | Windows & Android

This software utility helps drivers to stay focused by reducing visual and manual distractions using screen blanking on the move, keeping them safe.

Getac enrollXpress
Software | Android

Supports a range of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms, enrolling your Getac Android devices quickly and securely.

Getac KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility
Software | Windows

Scan barcode data into your application with the devices in-built rear camera. No hardware. No upgrades. No SDK integration required.

Getac OEMConfig
Software | Android

OEMConfig supports a range of EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) & MDM (Mobile Device Management) platforms, unlocking the full potential of your devices.

Getac VGPS Utility
Software | Windows

By replicating the physical GPS data to multiple virtual COM ports, VGPS helps ensure operational efficiency. One GPS, multiple applications.


With Getac’s Enterprise Software Suite

The Getac Enterprise Software Suite is designed to help organisations improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Supporting a range of enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms, these Android Apps enable safe and rapid device enrolment (Getac enrollXpress) and unlock the full potential of Getac Android device management (Getac OEMConfig).

Smaller-scale enterprise organisations typically have fewer mobile devices and may not have the IT resources to manage an EMM daily. In addition, they may not require a complex device build or be unable to justify an EMM platform's price. For these businesses, the Getac Enterprise Suite provides a simple-to-use, secure, cloud-based deployment solution for rapid device configuration, system update management, and easy provisioning methods (Getac deployXpress®). This solution bridges the gap as the business grows and the number of devices and applications increases until an EMM platform is implemented to provide more efficient management, security, and compliance.


With Getac’s Utility Software Suite

Rugged mobile tablets and laptops rely on software to maintain peak performance and prevent device downtime. Getac software utilities are designed to make both the administrator’s and the end user's life easier. They each provide a function, from improving system performance (Getac Device Monitoring System – GDMS) to enhancing existing in-built hardware unlocking special features (KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility).

Understanding that your workforce is a priority, Getac software utilities also ensure critical operational GPS applications run simultaneously (Virtual-GPS Utility) and help forklift and commercial vehicle drivers stay focused while in motion (Getac Driving Safety Utility).


Inspired by the complicated IT challenges faced in every industry we support, Getac works with various independent software vendors to provide a select range of fully integrated solutions. Pre-validated to ensure seamless compatibility between rugged computing devices and third-party software solutions, we save our customers' time and give them access to a wider variety of expert advice, support, and technical assistance.

Getac Select Solutions combine rugged computing devices, software, accessories, and professional services in a purposeful range of specifically tailored solutions.

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