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Innovative engineering and technology can help create a more sustainable rail transport industry operations.

The Solution for a Sustainable Rail Transport

Global transportation activity is expected to double by 2050, leading to a 16% rise in emissions, even when accounting for current commitments to decarbonising operations. The railway industry significantly contributes to this, with passenger and freight operations consuming large amounts of carbon-based fuels and other natural resources. While the industry is committed to change, it faces several significant challenges regarding reducing greenhouse gas emissions and […]

The VGPS Utility virtualizes and replicates the GPS signal sent out by an internal GPS via the internal COM port, multiplying what was once one data stream into as many as five.

VGPS Utility: Get More from Your GPS Software

If our digital ecology were like nature, GPS would be a horseshoe crab – an ancient animal from a bygone era that somehow still exists today. The GPS satellite network went online in 1993. However, it was (and still is) the culmination of thinking and planning that began in the 1970s. Consequently, it doesn’t entirely fit in today’s devices, most notably at the COM […]

Future workplace trends have evolved since the pandemic. Find out how tech advancements and rugged devices help shape a collaborative work environment.

How The Rugged Device Has Changed Future Workplace Trends

Disclaimer: This is a paid guest post from an industry expert. Any views or opinions stated in this article are personal, belong solely to the guest author, and do not reflect the official policy or position of Getac. Failing devices often lead to financial issues due to decreased productivity and data losses, preventing workers from completing tasks on time. Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment is […]

Automotive repair shop management software plays a critical role in automating processes by leveraging the power of AI and self-learning techniques for an intelligent approach to workshop planning.

Free Guide to Choosing an Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Time is money in the competitive world of vehicle after-sales. Thus, boosting vehicle throughput has a favorable effect on the effectiveness of the shops. Otherwise, workshop waste causes businesses to collapse. Auto repair shop software management can be helpful here. Retention of customers is a positive factor for auto repair shops. It’s more difficult to keep clients in section two once the warranty has […]

Technology deployment services, when done efficiently, can improve business capabilities, and maximise device potential.

How Technology Deployment Services Improve Device Potential and Business Capabilities

For many organisations, new technology deployment can be a daunting prospect. Not only are there business continuity concerns during the transitional phase, but teams need to consider many factors long before deployment begins. These are enough to leave heads spinning at both executive and IT levels. On top of that, switching vendors, partners, devices, operating systems, and configurations, potentially all at once, can often […]

Global natural disaster trends have increased more than ten times from 1960 to 2019, quantifying a trend many people have observed.

How Rugged Solutions Improve Response to Natural Disaster Trends

Global natural disasters have increased more than ten times from 1960 to 2019, quantifying a trend many people have observed. During this period, the number of natural hazards exploded from 39 to 396 events per year. In addition to the tragic loss of human life, these events carry billion-dollar economic losses that local and federal governments must cover. As a result, regions feel the […]

Vegetation management includes the effective removal of unwanted plant growth from areas surrounding utilities areas of operation.

Understanding Vegetation Management and its Impact on Utilities

Tree pruning and other forms of vegetation management are becoming increasingly critical in the safe and effective operation of power lines and related utilities. Vegetation management includes the effective removal of unwanted plant growth from areas surrounding utilities areas of operation. These regions have the immediate vicinity of the power lines and the right of way for utilities to operate safely. Utilities need access […]

Learn more about what is a docking station and how it contributes to worker efficiency.

What is a Docking Station, its Purpose, and Why You Need Them

Rugged mobile PCs exist primarily to enhance mobile worker productivity and efficiency while on foot. Docking stations take these benefits a step further by improving productivity and efficiency while using such a device while seated, or at least generally stationary, whether in a vehicle, a workshop, or your office. What is a Docking Station? A docking station is an apparatus that fixes a portable […]

Learn about key post pandemic workplace trends in rugged industries and how technology can improve employee health and well-being.

Post-Pandemic Workplace Trends and their Impact on Frontline Workers

Since the pandemic, many employees can work from home. Those who work with machines or deliver frontline services, like the utility and manufacturing sectors, usually cannot. The United States employs a whopping 50 million frontline workers, and the pandemic is far from over. A question that is front and center in many industries is: How do we keep employees safe while still getting work […]

Vehicle fleet management is rapidly evolving with the technology revolution.

6 Trends and 3 Challenges in Vehicle Fleet Management

Commercial vehicle fleets are a popular tool for doing business, from transportation and trucking to school busing to local package delivery. While some companies outsource entire fleets or their management, many others manage their fleets internally. Maintaining vehicle oversight is critical to optimizing vehicle “up” time and minimizing costs. Before uncovering current trends and challenges, it is worth defining vehicle fleet management in more […]

Voice recognition software assistive technology permeates nearly all industries.

How Voice Recognition Software Assistive Technology Improves Efficiency and Safety

Voice recognition software assistive technology is a growing trend that COVID-19 has pulled into the mainstream. Consumers have gradually integrated phrases like “Alexa” and “Hey Google” into their daily lives. Speech-to-text recognition has enabled secure, contactless professional communication while assuring workforce safety in the past few years. But how do you re-open in-person business while maintaining the demand for the global work-from-home setup? This […]

Rugged devices are expected to offer more security layers and options for the military than what a consumer-grade tablet or notebook would deliver.

4 Security Features the Military Considers When Looking for Rugged PC Solutions

Given the general rise in ransomware and cyberattacks and threats across various industries and sectors, users expect rugged devices to offer more security layers and options than a consumer-grade tablet or notebook would deliver. And given the growing threat of cyberspace as a theater of war, that goes double for military and defense applications. However, when parsing out a rugged device’s security features, vendors […]

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