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Getac B360 is not only MIL-STD-810H certified, it is also 5G ready for fast connectivity. With this kind of connected computing technology, drivers can receive and modify assignments as they become available, collect data, and file reports directly into their respective data networks.

Technology Essentials for Commercial and Public Sector Vehicles

The fundamental nature of automotive vehicles (cars and trucks) is evolving. It is no longer enough for a car to be a “dumb” machine that hauls people and materials from Point A to Point B. Today, public sector vehicles must be capable of sophisticated self-management and control. Self-driving cars and trucks are simply the next logical step in this evolution. Self-documentation of the events […]

Getac became the world’s first manufacturer to bring integrated LiFi technology to the rugged computing market with its industry-leading UX10 fully rugged tablet powered by pureLiFi.

Shining a Light on LiFi Technology

In October 2020, Getac became the world’s first manufacturer to bring integrated LiFi technology to the rugged computing market. Its industry-leading UX10 fully rugged tablet integrates this capability powered by pureLiFi. The innovation marked a critical turning point in the evolution of rugged computing. This exciting new technology gives customers an entirely new way to operate and communicate with unrivaled speed, security, and reliability.   […]

Emergency medical services is an area that can benefit enormously from the introduction of digital solutions that speed up workflows and save precious time.

6 Reasons to Use Rugged Devices for Ambulance Services

In a world dominated by digital transformation, it’s no surprise to see digital solutions replacing pen-and-paper workflows. This can be applied throughout various industries from manufacturing to healthcare. Emergency medical services (EMS) is an area that can benefit enormously from the introduction of digital solutions. The use of rugged devices can speed up workflows and save precious, lifesaving minutes and seconds. Paramedics have traditionally […]

Industry 4.0 promises to reboot the game for both discrete and process manufacturers.

Industry 4.0 and the Case for Digital Maturity

The next industrial revolution will need digitization of manufacturing processes. Mobile devices are crucial to executing transformation in the age of Industry 4.0. Several heavy-hitting key performance indicators in manufacturing have traditionally been a struggle to digitize. One such perennial issue is how to do away with decreased downtime and improve worker productivity. Industry 4.0, the latest iteration of the Industrial Revolution, promises to […]

Getac Starts 2021 No. 1 in Americas & EMEA

Getac Starts 2021 No. 1 in Americas & EMEA

The first quarter of 2021 saw Getac retake the lead in rugged tablet shipments in the Americas. We’ve held the top spot for four of the last five quarters in this region. Perhaps even more significant was our rugged notebooks taking the prime spot in EMEA shipments for the first time. This surged on 10% market share growth year on year. Globally, Getac’s market […]

5 Things You’re Not Thinking About When Calculating TCO

5 Things You’re Not Thinking About When Calculating TCO

If you are in operations or IT, there is an excellent chance that you are already familiar with the abbreviation “TCO.”  For the uninitiated, TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership. It is the measurement that we use to assess the value of hardware and software through direct and indirect costs. Sometimes also known as a “life cycle cost analysis,” most people have a […]

The Role of Rugged Mobile Devices in Industry 4.0

While manufacturing has always been a numbers game — quotas met, demand and supply, downtime — discrete and process manufacturers mostly used yesterday’s data to predict what tomorrow would hold. We’re at an exciting crossroads in the industry. Not only do we have easy and cheap access to computing power, but we can also harvest data from a whole slate of new sources, the […]

Rugged mobile devices help harness the many benefits of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry.

How Industry 4.0 Improves Workforce Management

It is no secret that digital transformation is revolutionizing many industries, including manufacturing. The excitement surrounding the digitizing of manufacturing is that old workforce management processes can now be made more transparent with data and that data can guide practically every decision, large or small. In Industry 4.0, the prescribed data guidance happens through a variety of advanced technologies, the Industrial Internet of Things […]

Natural disasters must figure into any organization's risk management calculations and measures.

Natural Disasters: What Happens if the Cloud Goes Out?

Natural disasters must figure into any organization’s risk management calculations and measures. Climate change is making extreme weather events more common. Human presence and influence are ever-expanding, both of which increase the odds of your organization being impacted by one. Whether it’s storms, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, wildfires, or earthquakes, the chances of mother nature impacting your operational and technological footprint are increasing. Having your […]

Intralogistics drives the importance to maintain a competitive advantage in supply chain management.

Intralogistics 4.0: Automated, Decentralized, Flexible

In a world where both same-day shipping and supply chain disruptions are the norm, control, implementation, and optimization of materials is no longer just a matter for the internal organization. Intralogistics is driving the importance of maintaining a competitive advantage. Logistics of goods and tracking data were already soaring before the pandemic. Since then, it has also achieved an almost surreal level of growth, […]

Semi-rugged laptops are used by professionals in various industries who need a reliable devices that withstand extreme conditions that a regular business-class device cannot do.

Who Needs Semi-Rugged Laptops?

Mission-critical can be a relative term. When it comes to businesses, we often refer to servers or Wi-Fi access points as mission-critical technology. But for the individual worker, your personal computer is essential to doing your job, especially in the wake of digital transformation in the public and private sectors. We’re always online now, always connected, and becoming more so. However, the average consumer-grade […]

Keeping workers safe is a key focus area for risk managers and rugged devices play a huge role.

Using Purpose Built Rugged Devices for Worker Safety

Workplace health and safety can have a measurable effect on an organization’s bottom line. Keeping workers safe is a key focus area for risk managers. Any worker could be at risk of a safety incident. To fully leverage the safety capabilities of digital solutions, organizations need to deploy rugged devices that are purpose-built to handle harsh environments. Many organizations have strict site induction or other […]

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