IP Ratings - Dust and Water Resistance

Learn about IP Certifications and see how Getac IP certified dust and water-resistant tablets and laptops can help you work in challenging environments.


What are IP ratings?

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are used to describe different levels of protection against dust, water, and foreign body intrusion. Typically, IP ratings are composed of two letters, “IP,” followed by two numbers.

  • First digit: protection from solid ingression, from things as large as hands, to particles as small as dust. It goes from 0 (no protection) to 6 (complete protection from dust ingression).
  • Second digit: protection from liquid ingression, including liquid droplets, rain, spray, submersion and spills. It goes from 0 (no protection) to 9 (protection against continuous submersion in water within certain limits and conditions).

For example, a certified IP67 tablet would be completely protected from dust and protected against temporary immersion in water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Getac offers solutions with highly rated intrusion and moisture protection, allowing professionals to work in challenging conditions when dust and moisture are present.

Examples of Common IP Ratings

First DigitSymbolSolid Protection*Second DigitSymbolLiquid Protection*
0N/ANot Protected0N/ANot Protected
1Protected against solid objects greater than 50mm1Protected against vertically dripping water when the product is upright
2Protected against solid objects greater than 12.5mm2Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15 degrees
3Protected against solid objects greater than 2.5mm3Protected against spraying water with the device tilted up to 60 degrees from its upright position
4Protected against solid objects greater than 1.0mm4Protected against splashing water from any direction
5Dust cannot ingress in an amount sufficient to affect the normal operation of the device5Protected against jetting water projected from a 6.3mm nozzle at 12.5 litres per minute
6Dust tight; dust cannot ingress6Protected against powerful jetting water (12.5 mm nozzle, 100 litres per minute)
7Protected against the effects of immersion in water up to 1m for 30 minutes

Getac IP-Certified Rugged Computing Solutions

Getac offers a broad variety of rugged laptops and tablets that help professionals benefit from the advantages of a powerful computing solution in highly challenging environments.

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  • IP65

Tablets | Fully Rugged | Windows

The A140 delivers exceptional performance, industry-leading security and a spacious 14-inch display with wide viewing angles.

  • IP65

B300 (India Only)

Our best-selling rugged computer features a 13.3" screen and is complete with an abundance of ports to compliment the powerful Intel® processor.

  • IP66

Laptops | Fully Rugged | 13-Inch | Windows

The B360 is PCMag Editor's Choice winner and Best Rugged Laptop awardee in 2023. It features a 13.3-inch FHD screen with 1,400 nits LumiBond display.

  • IP66

B360 Pro
Laptops | Fully Rugged

The B360 Pro fully rugged laptop has a 13.3-inch FHD display and packed with additional configurable features for work in tough environments.


  • IP67

EX80 (Saudi Arabia Only)

The ruggedly designed EX80 tablet delivers Windows touchscreen technology to the frontlines of the oil and gas industry.

  • IP66

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The F110 was named the Best Rugged Tablet in 2021 by ZDNet and in 2023 by TechRadar. It has a slim form factor and an 11.6-inch FHD screen.


  • IP66

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The F110-EX is an ATEX-certified, 11.6-inch fully rugged tablet that brings powerful computing capabilities for Zone 2/22 hazardous environments.

  • IP66

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The K120 is a multi-functional tablet with 12.5-inch FHD screen. It is engineered to work through a variety of usage modes and accessories.


  • IP66

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The K120-EX features a 12.5-inch FHD screen and is ATEX and IECEx Zone 2/22-certified for use in potentially explosive environments.

  • IP65

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The T800 has an 8.1-inch screen, a thin, ergonomic design, class-leading battery life, and no-compromise rugged features.


  • IP65

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The T800-EX tablet has an 8.1-inch screen, and is less than 23 cm x 16 cm in size. It is intrinsically safe and IECEx and ATEX Zone 2/22-certified.

  • IP65

Tablets | Fully Rugged

The UX10 was named 2023 Best Rugged Tablet by Techradar. It is a 10.1-inch portable device with incredible rugged performance.