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Getac’s Rugged Tablets are Digital China’s Solution to Warehouse Automation



Digital China is a well-known provider of integrated IT services in China, delivering business and IT solutions to individual consumer and large sector industries including financial, government, telecommunications, public utilities and private enterprises.



Warehouses may look like “four walls and a roof,” but they’re complex, dynamic, and unpredictable, making them challenging for staff and their IT.

As industrial automation evolves, doing tasks with less people is not enough, tasks must be done better. Take medium-sized forklift trucks as an example. In the past, they relied on human memory and the human eye, leading to low efficiency and human error. But with a smart RFID reader, logistical efficiency can be greatly improved. Forklift trucks are specialized vehicles, with warehouse environments complex and constantly changing, which means any IT you add must be resilient, flexible, durable and shock-resistant, with excellent wireless communications, and a long battery life if mobile.


Digital China has partnered with Getac to provide warehouse logistics solutions, with the Getac F110, T800, and UX10 tablets serving as the user terminals.

With Digital China’s warehouse solution, barcodes and RFID readers collect inbound/outbound goods information through in-vehicle tablets, with real-time data (RTD) uploaded wirelessly, ensuring speedy accurate collation of all data-related warehouse management details. Real-time locations of all personnel, vehicles, and goods can be tracked and displayed at all times, making it easier to get forklifts where they need to be when needed. Through machine vision analysis and edge computing, real-time alerts regarding illegal entry and exit of personnel and vehicles are available, coupled with behavior and status analysis so thresholds can adjust to minimize false alarms.



Digital China’s solution addresses real-world warehouse pain points, delivering clear and significant improvements.

Warehouse IT must tolerate drop, shock, spill, dust, vibration, heat, and cold. But tablets like the F110, rated at MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461G, and IP65, can handle it. And since warehouses have many obstructions, wireless connectivity must be reliable and powerful. Tablets like the UX10 offer Wi-Fi and 4G LTE, enabling reliable real-time speed indoors and out. And with multi-shift battery life a must, Getac offers multi-battery configurations, high-capacity batteries, and even bridge batteries. Getac also offers dedicated onboard GPS, enabling precise geolocation of irregularly-shaped forklifts. And the benefits are real. Digital China’s solution shortens inbound time from 180 minutes to only 30, outbound time from 90 minutes to 30, while reducing average inbound/outbound documentation by 70%, with near-100% inbound rate accuracy.

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Providing our customers with comprehensive smart solutions is our business vision. Getac UX10, F110 and T800 deliver exactly what they need. Not only do Getac rugged tablets offer extraordinary durability and reliability, they also integrate perfectly with our warehouse logistics software and radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning solutions. The partnership will see greater service to customers. We even deliver ultimate solutions for the fixing, charging and shock resistance of forklift trucks, guaranteeing customers with exceptional performance.

General Manager Yan
Department of Internet of Things, Digital China.

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Digital China Group has been striving to make a difference in information technologies for the past 20 years. Digital China is now an integrated IT service provider with an annual turnover exceeding RMB80 million and total assets exceeding RMB25 billion. For many years, China Digital has relied on a network covering 30,000 partnerships, providing digital products, solutions and professional IT services to over a million enterprises and hundreds of millions of consumers.

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