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Rugged Tablets Help Improve Emergency Protocols for Oil Rigs


25% Faster Muster Time

Reduced Risk of Human Error

Improved Response Time


Transocean is one of the world’s largest providers of washboard drilling services in the oil and gas industry. An oil rig is a high-risk environment – where a single mistake can result in catastrophe – life safety is of the utmost importance. Accuracy and time could literally mean the difference between life and death for a large group of people working on an offshore oil rig. Obtaining an accurate muster is one of the most critical aspects of major emergency management on an oil rig.

In partnership with Savance Workplace, Getac’s fully-rugged F110 helped streamline emergency muster protocols during drills and actual emergency scenarios resulting in more efficiency during an emergency or planned drill.

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During an emergency aboard an oil rig, time and accuracy are imperative and can mean the difference between life and death.

Outdated technology, such as paper or phone-based mustering systems, is prone to human error and can be a time-consuming way to ensure everyone aboard the rig is accounted for during an emergency preparedness test or an actual emergency.

Transocean continually found themselves focusing on emergency muster protocols rather than the actual emergency.


Getac’s F110 tablet was an ideal choice by Savance to be part of the overall solution because of its fully rugged form factor and is both ANSI + IECEX certified for use in explosive environments such as an oil rig. A key factor in the decision to choose Getac over a competitive device was Getac’s technology and configurability options. An available Ethernet port was critical because Savance developed a solution that would allow them to run a single wire out of the tablet to supply power as well as network connectivity- redundancy was critical as it relates to network connectivity. The F110 can also be configured with a built-in RFID reader, and an available USB port would also allow an external RFID reader for more flexibility in certain situations.

The F110 is also able to perform in a variety of temperature ranges from -20F to 145F. This was critical because it was expected to work outdoors in extreme heat, sunlight, and other adverse weather conditions. When not in use, it would be stored inside a Pelican Case which can get rather hot. Finally – a device with a solid warranty was vital given the harsh environment of an oil rig. The F110 comes with a 3-year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty that includes accidental damage.



The new electronic mustering process offers a faster, more efficient, and more reliable way to account for people than the previously used methods resulting in 25% faster muster times.

  • Greater visibility and improved response time in an actual emergency
  • Faster, more reliable musters
  • Reduced risk of human error

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Transocean is one of the world’s largest providers of washboard drilling services in the oil and gas industry.

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