Optalert selected Getac rugged ZX70 Android tablets to support its Optalert Eagle Industrial early-warning drowsiness detection system


More than 1,500 Getac Android rugged tablets deployed

Reduced installation time for Eagle Industrial by 2.5 hours

6 years product life


Optalert develops fatigue management and early-warning drowsiness detection systems for use in mining and transport. These systems must operate reliably and consistently in some of the world’s harshest and most rugged environments. Eagle Industrial is Optalert’s real-time drowsiness monitoring system, ideal for use in environments with temperature and humidity extremes.



Real-time measurement and display of alertness levels are critical in providing drowsiness protection for drivers and other employees working in harsh conditions. Optalert’s Eagle Industrial platform also lets supervisors and managers remotely monitor drivers’ real-time drowsiness levels via a cloud-based monitoring and reporting service, providing an additional layer of defence to decrease the risk of driving incidents due to fatigued drivers or equipment operators. With miners operating heavy industrial equipment in remote areas with very high and very low temperatures and humidity, Optalert needed to complement its software with a compatible device that would operate reliably in these challenging conditions.


Optalert delivers its early-warning drowsiness detection system software on the Getac ZX70 seven-inch rugged Android tablet. With its thin and light, ergonomic design and class-leading battery runtime performance for mission-critical field operations, the Getac ZX70’s environmental specifications make it reliable for use in temperatures ranging from -21°C to 60°C. Optalert chose the ZX70 because it met the rigorous requirements for the Optalert Eagle Industrial system in mining operations. Since the project began Optalert has purchased more than 1,500 Android based rugged tablets.



The Getac ZX70 tablets support the Optalert software system and its associated wearable devices, providing a stable, reliable software and hardware platform that can be customised for specific user needs. Its small size and durability in tough environmental conditions mean it can be installed in vehicle cabins to provide driver protection and ease-of-access for maintenance support. The Getac ZX70 significantly improved the installation time for Optalert’s early-warning drowsiness detection solution, reducing installation time from three to four hours down to as little as one-and-a-half hours, which minimises costly interruptions to mining production for customers.

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One of the crucial components in delivering fatigue management and early-warning drowsiness detection systems is providing accurate and continuous readings of alertness levels. This means devices need to be reliable and high-performing. Optalert is still operating Getac rugged devices in the field after six years, proving their longevity and reliability even in challenging environments. Additionally, the ZX70’s GPS and cellular and Wi-Fi communication capabilities enable vital field-generated information to be provided to our customers in near-real time via our cloud-based data analysis, monitoring and reporting system.

Christopher Hocking
Product Manager, Optalert

About Optalert

Optalert is an innovative medtech company and leader in the field of drowsiness and wakefulness measurement and monitoring. Today, Optalert’s highly-skilled team boasts scientists, hardware and software engineers, data analysts, mathematicians, and a dedicated customer support team based around the globe. Its customers span a variety of industries including: mining, gas & oil, road transport, automotive, scientific research, pharmaceutical drug trials and neurological research.

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ZX70 Fully Rugged Tablet

The ZX70 7” fully rugged Android™ 10.0 tablet is just the right size with a thin and light, ergonomic design that’s easy to hold in one hand, making it the ideal solution for improved mobile productivity.

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