Getac S410 minimizes friction during truck repair
Rugged notebooks accelerate automotive aftersales operation and transformation



Truck Training Center Italy is an Italian company that's been active in the industrial vehicle sector for over 20 years, providing aftersales services such as alignment and repair for industrial vehicles, direct assistance, and training. These activities occur in the workshop, where technicians need a rugged notebook that tolerates the presence of dust, grease, moisture, extreme temperatures, harsh lighting, vibration, and the occasional impact.


The Getac semi-rugged S410 notebook is an integral part of a solution now in use by Truck Training Center, developed by Pesci Attrezzature, an Italian company specializing in selling industrial vehicle workshop products and solutions. The S410 delivers reliability, portability, and durability while featuring a 14" ultra-bright display that is very easy to read. Resting on a work trolley for charging (via the Getac's office docking station), the S410 performs well in hot, cold, damp, dusty, and greasy environments, while most importantly, balancing performance and portability when undocked.



Thanks to the combined rugged hardware and industry-leading software proposed by Pesci Attrezzature, all the angles for a truck can be calculated in just a few minutes, with the alignment operations and repair phase significantly sped up, thus minimizing vehicle downtime. Mechanics can use the S410 directly in the repair pit (where the measuring system is connected to the wheels) with data viewed on the notebook's screen, enabling adjustments and alignments in real time without leaving the station.

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“We have been working with Getac notebooks for over five years, and one aspect we consider most important is the brand's reliability. Despite intensive daily use, we have not encountered any failures or breakdowns in recent years. This has allowed us to provide continuity of service to our customers. For us, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Reducing the processing time means offering an excellent tailored service, which saves on invoice costs; a not insignificant aspect that builds customer loyalty.”

Igor Boldrini
Head Technician of Truck Training Centre Italy

About Truck Training Center Italy

Truck Training Center Italy, founded in 2002, is a workshop specializing in industrial vehicle alignment, chassis, and axle repair, and a production center for the patented ASP® System, a unique and patented system for covering ditches.

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S410 Semi Rugged Laptop

The S410 notebook is a tool for many jobs, delivering more power, more mobility, more connectivity, and more capability than ever before.

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