German Based Netzgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg (NBB) Uses Getac F110 Tablets for Digital Surveillance and Documentation Tasks in the Power Grid



NBB has a very extensive pipeline network, including the electricity and gas supply networks in the German capital and in large parts of Brandenburg. These have to be surveyed and documented. The quantity of work orders is very high and the surveying work must be carried out reliably in all weather conditions.



By using Getac tablets, high savings in time and costs have been achieved and efficiency increased significantly. This means that the F110 tablets pay for themselves very quickly. NBB‘s customer satisfaction has also increased further, as critical data is now available on the spot, which contributes to even greater security.

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Field workers are equipped with the Getac F110 tablet and GIS and surveying software to work highly efficiently and deliver fast, reliable data and results to customers. Employees receive their work order information directly on the rugged tablet, saving a lot of time.



”With the help of Getac‘s rugged tablet PCs and Leica‘s total stations and GPS systems, quality, cost efficiency and data security can potentially be significantly improved for us as a customer.“

Head of Network Documentation at NBB Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg mbH & Co. KG


“Since using the enormously reliable Getac F110 tablets, we have seen a 20 percent increase in efficiency, as it allows us to work much faster and communicate results to the office in real time. Time and costs have been greatly reduced and, most importantly, we ensure that our customer NBB is always provided with up-to-the-minute information and can respond quickly if necessary. We expect the equipment to pay for itself in a few months.“

Office Manager Berlin-Brandenburg at Mettenmeier in Teltow

About Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg (NBB)

The grid company Berlin Brandenburg (‘Netzgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg’ – NBB) is one of the largest natural gas transmission companies in Germany. Its core activities include the maintenance and development of the supply network infrastructure and the technically safe and efficient operation of the network.

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F110 Fully Rugged Tablet

The new F110 fully-rugged tablet offers an easy-to-carry profile, a comfortable touchscreen, and more power to run your general office and industry-specific applications with ease.

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