Cortex Intelligence Systems uses fully rugged Getac tablets to drive drilling innovation further


Improved onsite safety

Enhanced automation across operations

Reduced component wear


To support the use of its software in the field and empower mining operators to leverage automation across their sites, Cortex Intelligence Systems embedded fully rugged Getac F110 tablets in its remote control consoles.



Mining operations can expose workers to significant risk and dangerous working conditions, including extreme temperatures and the potential of damage from heavy machinery. Cortex Intelligence Systems works with mining operators to digitize their rigs, providing software and hardware that helps to remove manual handling tasks, reduce the room for error, drive consistency, and eliminate the potential risks to human workers.

To effectively house its software and ensure that it could deliver efficiency, Cortex Intelligence Systems needed hardware that was as robust as possible to withstand the challenging conditions of mining sites, including extreme temperatures, high concentrations of dust, and strong vibrations from machinery. After assessing the solutions available on the market, Cortex Intelligence Systems identified the Getac F110 fully rugged tablet as the ideal solution to support its software in situ.


After an initial proof of concept, Cortex Intelligence Systems purchased two devices for testing purposes. Following the successful testing phase, and after collaborating with Getac to improve the solution, making tweaks and modifications to meet the industry’s specific needs, Cortex Intelligence Systems now has four devices embedded in its remote control consoles in the field and working on drilling operations. Additionally, it has a further seven on order, in build, or due to be commissioned.

The Getac F110 devices provide the main interface for mining operators to control their entire rig, and lets users offload functions, diagnostics, and operations settings through the Cortex Intelligence Systems proprietary application.



The fully wireless, rugged Getac F110 tablet ensures continuous, reliable use in the field as the primary interface for drillers. The combination of Getac devices with proprietary Cortex Intelligence Systems software lets mining operators reduce manning on machines, streamline sampling duties, and reduce the wear of components.

Additionally, the use of the devices in remote operations helps to improve conditions for workers in the field and release rig operators, geologists, and others from the intense heat of site operations. Additionally, they empower organizations to use software that improves site safety, helping them attract and retain skilled talent.

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“The evolving journey we have taken with Getac has been critical to the success of these devices in the field. The Getac device is the primary interface for drillers, so it needs to be rugged to ensure continuous, reliable use in the field. The Getac F110 has quickly become part of our standard product offering.”

Mark Lott
Manageing Director, Cortex Intelligence Systems

About Cortex Intelligence Systems

Cortex Intelligence Systems is a mining and drilling technology organization that was formed in 2018 in response to demand for remote monitoring and analysis of operating data across customer drill rig fleets. It provides a range of automation, control, and data analysis solutions to the drilling segment of the mining sector.


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F110 Fully Rugged Tablet

The new F110 fully-rugged tablet offers an easy-to-carry profile, a comfortable touchscreen, and more power to run your general office and industry-specific applications with ease.

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