Blueprint Subsea uses Getac’s V110 to power its Artemis Diver Navigation System



Blueprint Subsea’s Artemis Diver Navigation System is tried and trusted by special forces personnel and emergency services professionals all over the world. The system is designed to be extremely robust, so requires a digital control device that can also function at its best in the highly challenging and hostile environments that users often encounter.


Following an extensive market assessment, Blueprint Subsea identifi ed Getac’s V110 notebook as the ideal device for its Artemis interface. As a solution primarily designed for the defence sector, reliability is one of the most important aspects of Artemis and the V110’s fully rugged build quality gives users peace of mind.



Blueprint Subsea’s customers have been greatly impressed with the V110, many of whom have commented on its exceptional reliability. The device’s powerful connectivity also makes it easy for teams to communicate in the fi eld, input mission plans and track divers during operations, helping them get the most out of Artemis time and time again.

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“The V110’s ability to withstand extreme environments enables users to carry out operations in high pressure scenarios, which is vital to overall mission success.”

Rachael Reader
Sales and Marketing, Blueprint Subsea

About Blueprint Subsea

Based in the Lake District, Blueprint Subsea’s mission is to provide the subsea community with high-quality acoustic products at an affordable price. Its reputation for innovation and exceptional service has seen the company quickly become a leading technology provider for customers throughout the subsea, defense, and search & rescue sectors.

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V110 Fully Rugged Laptops

The Getac V110 fully rugged notebook features outstanding performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6” widescreen display and a design that is as thin and light as ever – at 2.1kg light and 39mm thin.

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