Improving Field Operational Efficiencies & Communication Using Getac K120 Rugged Tablet


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Due to operational inefficiencies, it was imperative that the RTC Fiber Communications’ team of field technicians transition from traditional pen-and-paper to a streamlined, digital method of project pricing, ordering, and time tracking. After the initial roll-out of commercially available tablets, and the number of device failures that quickly followed, it became clear to the RTC team that a rugged solution would be best for their daily duties.



“After a generic google search for “the best rugged laptop”, I simply started reading third-party reviews. I quickly learned about Getac’s industry-leading line of rugged devices, which lead me to your website. After learning more about what Getac offers, beyond the device, I started pulling spec sheets and submitting them to our team of field engineers for their initial review.” Following the initial review of various Getac device spec sheets, the RTC team of engineers gave their buying team the green light to contact the Getac team for more information.

Reining true to Getac’s commitment to customer support service; not only did a member of the Getac solutions team respond to the RTC team’s form submission within just a few hours, but rather than pushing the product that RTC was initially interested in, the Getac team decided it would be best to meet with the RTC team on-site to best understand their daily operations and requirements in a rugged device.


After an on-site device demo, it became clear that the versatile form factor and powerful connectivity of Getac’s K120 tablet perfectly suited the RTC Fiber Communications’ in-field environmental and operational needs.

The fully rugged Getac K120 delivers more power, more connectivity, and more versatility than ever before. With an attachable full-size backlit keyboard and a wide variety of straps and handles, a 12.5’’FHD LumiBond® 2.0 screen, and the latest-generation processing power and connectivity, the K120 is perfectly adaptable for field technician teams.



Equipped with Getac K120 tablets, the RTC team of technicians are now able to streamline their service operations and installation processes; resulting in improved internal efficiencies, enhanced customer service, and overall company capabilities when it comes to servicing their customer base.

  • The ability to electronically track employee time, place orders fromthe customers’ homes, and test wireless connectivity, all from the field.
  • Reliable communication between field technicians and administrative employees at RTC headquarters.
  • The RTC Fiber Communications teams reinforced confidence in their purchase that comes from partnering with a team that shares the same dedication to customer care and superior service.


Outside of providing a rugged solution at a competitive cost, it was the Getac team’s commitment to superior service and our experience working with your team that exceeded expectations and ultimately solidified our decision to roll out K120 devices.

Tyson Kalischuk,

About RTC Communications

Founded in 1895 and headquartered in Rochester, Indiana, RTC Fiber Communications proudly provides wireless internet and fiber optic telecommunications solutions to residents and businesses throughout Fulton County. Independently owned, RTC Fiber Communications is a tier-two provider, operating under incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC) regulations. Committed to delivering tailored communication solutions that empower and enhance their customers’ business and personal lives, RTC strives to provide a level of customer service that surpasses all competition.

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K120 Fully Rugged Tablets

From its multi-functional tablet hard handle, attachable full-size backlit keyboard to a wide variety of straps and harnesses, the K120, which is now FirstNet Ready®, provides adaptability for various in-the-field work situations and is engineered to work the way you work through a variety of usage modes and an extensive selection of accessories.

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