Getac F110 Windows-Based Fully Rugged Tablet Provides Next Gen Performance For Class 1 Division 2 Explosion Proof Certification

IRVINE, CA – Nov. 10, 2021 Getac Technology Corporation, a leading producer of rugged technology, today announced the launch of the new era Windows-based F110 Class 1 Division 2 tablet computer. The F110 merges CID2 hazardous and explosive environment protection with state-of-the-art performance, MIL-STD-810H certifications, and IP66 rating of the highly acclaimed 2021 F110.

Introducing the totally re-engineered F110 earlier this year, Getac cited its Intel® 11th Gen CPUs, Iris Xe Graphics, PCIE SSDs, upgraded 1000Nit proprietary “works even when wet” 11.6-inch LumiBond® 2.0 anti-glare daylight readable display. Other highlights included unparalleled connectivity options including WLAN Wi-Fi 6 for 3x faster data speeds over previous generation F110s, Bluetooth 5.2, and WWAN 4G LTE/GPS, and an integrated Thunderbolt™ 4 port supporting 40 Gb/s wired connections.

With the addition of CID2 certification, the latest F110 provides added layers of protection to professionals in locations filled with concentrated flammable gases, combustible dust, and warehouses or job sites storing masses of tanks filled with highly volatile liquid gases (.i.e. propane, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.) With the F110 they can work virtually without fear that a spark set off by computer sparks or arcs, display screen-generated static electricity or other such ignition sources might result in an explosion or conflagration potentially costing lives and millions of dollars in damages in the CID2 environment.

Safe Design

CID2 Certification (ANSI/UL121201, former ANSI/ISA 12.12.01) for explosive environments mandates that electronic equipment has no potential to produce sparks, arcs, static electricity, or heat sufficiently capable of causing ignition of explosive material at its most dangerous concentrations.

In addition to eliminating potential danger triggers, the F110’s design helps industries comply with federal, state, and underwriters’ environmental health and safety standards, offers seamless connections between hazmat workers at disaster sites, provides real-time communications with team members outside danger zones, and enables data capture and transmission from inside many hazardous locations.  

“There are other capable safe tablets on the market,” said Getac USA President Michael McMahon, ”however, the F110 offers a superior combination of CID2 certification, fully rugged durable and top-level non-rugged tablet performance, heavy industry communications protocols, and connectivity options incorporated into the latest F110 for the North American market, plus our exclusive three-year, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Given all this, we consider the F110 is ushering in a new era of CID2 rugged computing devices optimized for maximum worker safety without limiting or compromising the vast palette of solutions available to help customers meet their own unique needs and challenges.”

The ideal handheld solution for hazardous work environments

The F110’s rugged performance, compact form factor, and safe design make it ideally suited to professionals working in challenging, potentially hazardous environments typically found in such vertical industries as mining, oil & gas, chemical production, and medicine.

Underground Mining

With the F110, mine shaft inspectors can quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely use highly sensitive flammable gas and dust measuring sensors in conjunction with the safe F110’s wide operational temperature range, rugged reliability, and long battery life to complete their tasks.

Oil and Gas Exploration and Operations

Safe, fast, and accurate site surveying and data collection are essential to 21st Century oil and gas operations, helping to optimize productivity, manage assets and avoid unplanned downtime. The F110’s 11.6” sunlight-readable screen, optional barcode/RFID reader, FHD webcam, and 8MP rear camera simplify field data collection, while optional GPS, powerful connectivity options, and safe technology make sending and receiving information from even the most hazardous remote sites quick and easy.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant Monitoring

To say that the corrosive conditions inherent in many chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants can, and often do, deal out death sentences to all but the most rugged pieces of IT gear is a given. Adding to the hazards, many of these facilities often contain major quantities of explosive gas or dust. The F110’s Mil-Spec and IP66 certified rugged, durable construction and powerful, reliable connectivity help maximize operational efficiency 24/7/365 while its safe build quality protects employees from explosive hazards in CID2 environments.


Getac’s CID2 certified F110 is available now.

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