Upgrades its field workforce with new Android-based ecosystem built on Getac’s ZX10 fully rugged tablet



Thames Water is in the midst of a multi-year organisational transformation which aims to optimise both its asset management and customer service capabilities via the use of technology. A key part of this transformation is the migration of its fi eld-based workforce to a fl exible new Android-based ecosystem. Consequently, the company needed a new hardware solution that could support this migration while also excelling in the challenging work environments its engineers face on a daily basis.


Thames Water quickly settled on Getac’s ZX10 fully rugged Android tablet. Its powerful performance capabilities, intuitive operation, and fully rugged reliability, all in a slim and versatile profi le, ticked all the boxes that its fi eld engineers needed in a new device. As an Android Enterprise Recommended device, the ZX10 is also guaranteed to receive a minimum fi ve years of security patch support from its release date, offering long-term peace of mind.



With the Getac ZX10 tablets now in the hands of its fi eld engineers, Thames Water is already realising the benefi ts of its new Android ecosystem, including less downtime, faster resolution of issues, and higher levels of customer satisfaction. Getac’s technology experts are also working closely with the company to deliver ongoing support in key areas such as Android security and Salesforce integration, which is critical to the success of this long term project.

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“The ZX10s are a huge asset to the team, offering new levels of performance and reliability in a wide range of scenarios. Whether conducting maintenance at our water treatment facilities, or working on site with customers, our engineers know they have both the hardware and software they need to get the job done as effi ciently as possible.”

Ade Ayajo
Thames Water

About Thames Water

Thames Water extracts, treats, and supplies 2.5 billion litres of tap water to over 10 million customers across London and the Thames valley every day, making it the largest private utility company in the UK. It also removes, treats, and disposes of 4.6 billion litres of wastewater daily, via its network of sewage pumping stations and sewage treatment works.

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ZX10 Fully Rugged Tablet

The ZX10 10" fully-rugged Android tablet offers an exceptional workday solution that combines intuitive operation and power efficiency with a slim versatile profile.

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