Technological innovation at the heart of Mexico's railway: Ferrovalle chooses Getac and Havis as a robust technology partner



Ferrovalle needed to ensure on-time delivery of containers with real-time traceability. The challenge was to enable all players to interact with the SLI using resilient hardware, and to ensure efficient wireless connectivity from any place in the terminal.


Getac F110 Tablet and the Havis Dockings allow the railway company the ability to respond quickly to incidents and requests, and to improve staff monitoring through features such asdynamic scheduling, time tracking, alerts and more. This ensures that workers remain highly productive.



The Getac and Havis solution gave the company the flexibility it needed to implement SLI in its yards. Employees on the move are always connected thanks to Getac devices, which is an advantage for the operations. Full compatibility between Getac equipment and SLI ensured optimal operational and financial control, improving productivity and compliance with the company's business policies.for a solid integration with the value proposition of Ferrovalle's daily operation.

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“Ferrovalle's technological ecosystem is supported by three components: Super Wi-Fi network, SLI software and Getac tablets. Should one of these three items fail, success cannot be achieved, which means that all three have to be outstanding. SLI will continue to evolve in the future with the incorporation of new features that will strengthen security issues. Getac's technology is part of these plans and is present in the Program of Zero Distance to our customers.”

Francisco Fabila
General Manager of Ferrovalle

About Ferrovalle

Strategically located in the Valley of Mexico, Ferrovalle is the heart of the country's railroad connection, housing more than 500 thousand containers in its yards, where eight to ten double-stack trains connect daily in its yards with more than a thousand trucks, to make possible the exchange of merchandise for hundreds of trade operations carried out by its customers bound for the megalopolis.

Undoubtedly, the Valley of Mexico is the largest urban destination receiving cargo and therefore, an essential last mile for several key industries, which requires one of the most accurate and dynamic logistics systems, both in volume and efficiency. Ferrovalle has the most important specialized intermodal terminal in Mexico and the largest in Latin America, in terms of facilities, services, scope and volume.

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F110 Fully Rugged Tablet

The new F110 fully-rugged tablet offers an easy-to-carry profile, a comfortable touchscreen, and more power to run your general office and industry-specific applications with ease.

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