Rugged Tablets Help Improve Emergency Protocols for Oil Rigs



Outdated technology, such as paper or phone-based mustering systems, is prone to human error and can be a time-consuming way to ensure everyone aboard the rig is accounted for during an emergency preparedness test or an actual emergency.


Getac’s F110 tablet was an ideal choice by Savance to be part of the overall solution because of its fully rugged form factor and is both ANSI + IECEX certified for use in explosive environments such as an oil rig. A key factor in the decision to choose Getac over a competitive device was Getac’s technology and configurability options.



The new electronic mustering process offers a faster, more efficient, and more reliable way to account for people than the previously used methods resulting in 25% faster muster times.

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F110-EX Fully Rugged Tablet

The Getac F110-EX ATEX certified fully rugged tablet brings powerful computing capabilities to Zone 2/22 hazardous environments.

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