Revolution in the Communication of Out-of-hospital Emergencies: In Italy an Innovative Model for the Management of Health Care Assistance



The Operations Centre of Pieve di Cadore ULSS 1 Dolomiti (Veneto Region - Italy), manages the out-of-hospital medical aid (118) of patients with medical nursing staff, volunteers and the participation of the Alpine Rescuers. This team is responsible of the immediate rescue of the patient and must take care of the correct transmission of patient data, both personal and clinical and pass this onto the emergency room that will handle the case. The intervention takes place outside, sometimes under stress and in critical weather conditions, therefore, the compilation of the clinical form on pre-printed paper in manual mode can cause errors and slow down the rescue interventions once the patient arrives at the hospital. The Suem 118 service of ULSS 1 Dolomiti had therefore the need to optimize the process of this information and identify a standardized path in order to improve the approach to the patient.

"In out-of-hospital care, 70% of the problems* encountered are related to communication difficulties. In order to exclude any problems in this delicate phase, we had to rethink a more efficient and secure model" said Dr. Giulio Trillò, Director of Suem 118 of ULSS 1 Dolomiti.

*JC Root Causes and Percentages for Sentinel Events


The fully rugged Getac F110 tablet supported by the software of Zulu Medical, an Italian company specializing in the development of professional dedicated software in the field of digital medicine, is the perfect solution to govern the various complexities of first aid interventions, thanks to the combination of extremely lightweight and portability, resistance to vibration, humidity, rain, cold and heat, temperature changes and can also be sanitized. It is also well recognized for its adaptability in helicopters, because it does not interfere with the avionics of the helicopter and is resistant to electromagnetic interference. The long life of the replaceable battery during operation, the exclusive 11.6" LumiBond® 2.0 touch display guarantees use with stylus, fingertip or gloves, which are essential in healthcare environments, and the innovative secure features make it perfect for mobile operations.



The F110 tablet, positioned inside the rescue vehicles, collects data on the patient's clinical situation during transport and transmits them in real time through the platform of Microsoft Azure Cloud to the operation center and to the hospital Emergency Room.

From there, the doctor, other than supporting the rescue interventions live during the patient’s transport, can guarantee that the patient, once brought to the hospital, has an easier access path to the emergency treatment. This is because the doctor knows the real conditions and related vital parameters. These aspects can sometimes make a difference in the care action of the patient brought to the ER.

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"Thanks to the teamwork between all operators involved and the high quality of hardware and software solutions put in place, we believe we have taken an important step in the process of digitization in health care, always aimed at improving the management and protection of the patient and the confidence of the citizen in the health care system.”

Dr. Giulio Trillò
Director of Suem 118 of ULSS 1 Dolomiti

About Zulu Medical

Zulu Medical is an innovative SME registered company operating in the field of digital medicine and was founded in July 2014. The company is active in the design and development of professional software in the field of digital medicine with the scope of creating and selling a platform for the integration of a series of medical devices for the collection, sharing and consultation of clinical and environmental medical data in the field of first aid and outpatient for the management of chronic patients in home care. The infrastructure has been registered with an international patent and has obtained CE marking as a medical device. Zulu Medical cooperates with the 118 emergency services in Udine, Treviso and Belluno (Italy).

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F110 Fully Rugged Tablet

The new F110 fully-rugged tablet offers an easy-to-carry profile, a comfortable touchscreen, and more power to run your general office and industry-specific applications with ease.

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