Leica Geosystems deploys the ZX70 Android tablet in its survey operations

Enables high-precision geolocation & navigation

Robust connectivity even in remote or underground locations

Easy integration w/third-party hardware & software


Leica has created a highly-efficient precision measurement solution that delivers accurate geographic information system (GIS) data in real time, with the Getac ZX70 as the hardware centerpiece.



Leica needed a tablet with a long battery life and reliable connectivity, even in remote locations.

Leica Geosystems has stood for state-of-the-art metrology for almost 200 years, manufacturing professional surveying solutions of the highest quality, and delivering hardware and software solutions for the industrial, transportation and utility sectors often required to work under extreme conditions, such as those found in water treatment plants, deep-shaft mining, or underground civil works.

Engineers at these sites rely on timely mobile access to precise positioning data. When building a sewer line, Incorrect information on a pipe’s location can pose health hazards for the workers involved, as well as costly infrastructure problems, and great inconvenience if a road has to be closed for days, or the water supply has to be turned off.

Devices used in these environments must be highly robust, resistant to dust, shock & water, and have a long battery life, even when remotely processing and transmitting very large quantities of data. They also need sufficient memory for the storage and upload of maintenance instructions and other notifications as needed. Failures can mean delays, which can bring severe cost overruns.


Leica chose the Getac ZX70 Android tablet computer for its new survey solution, which features best-in-class battery life, a reliable 4G/LTE modem, and standalone GPS.

Leica’s GG04-plus tablet solution has three components – the Leica GG04-plus antenna, the Leica Zeno mobile app, and the Getac ZX70 tablet computer, which enable users to receive extremely precise satellite-based coordinates. The ZX70 sports very solid functionality and performance. Despite its portable size and modest weight, the rugged housing withstands even the harshest environmental conditions, and users can easily operate the weatherproof touch display, fitted with LumiBond® technology, even when wearing gloves.

The 4G/LTE modem reliably transmits large data volumes at extreme distances, while battery and processing performance meet the highest technical standards, ensuring work proceeds quickly and accurately without interruption. The 8-megapixel camera enables high-resolution onsite photography and archiving, and should the improbable arise, Getac’s industry-leading bumper-to-bumper warranty covers damage from accidents, so customers are able to acquire their new Zeno GG04 plus tablet-computer solution knowing that their investment is guaranteed.



Integrating the Getac ZX70 with Leica hardware & software has created an efficient, high-precision instrument that delivers accurate geographic information system (GIS) data in real time.

Leica customers rely on timely precise data, and top-quality support services for their devices. The Getac ZX70 proved the perfect hardware centerpiece for the GG04 plus tablet-computer solution. Data acquired via the Leica antenna and mobile app can be rapidly processed to a very high level of precision, while battery and processor performance are designed for intensive use over long periods.

The housing and display are of robust yet user-friendly design, with the touch display easily legible, even under adverse weather conditions, and operable when wearing gloves, while the 4G/LTE modem can transmit large quantities of data over long distances, facilitating good coordination and alignment between the field supervisor and the back office.

And finally, the Getac bumper-to-bumper warranty guarantees customers security of planning, providing a key competitive advantage to Leica customers around the world.

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The Getac ZX70 tablet computer provided the last piece in the puzzle we needed to offer our customers a total surveying solution. Thanks to its high-performance Android operating system and versatile connectivity, this tablet computer is not only extremely robust and reliable, but also the perfect partner for our Zeno Mobile software and the GG04 plus smart antenna.

Alexander Fischer
Senior Product Manager at Leica Geosystems

About Leica


Leica Geosystems AG is a subsidiary of the Swedish Hexagon Group, a leading global provider of information technologies. Headquartered in the Swiss town of Heerbrugg, the company looks back on a rich, 200-year history. It has revolutionized the world of surveying, offering total measurement solutions for experts around the world.

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