Chile-based mining company EMSA uses Getac Fully Rugged Tablet F110 to help complete challenging exploration and mining operations in harsh desert environments


Easier onsite decisionmaking

Extreme sunlight and temperature tolerances

Comprehensive warranty and aftersales


Codelco is not only Chile’s largest and most influential state-owned company, it is also the world’s top copper supplier. With abundant copper deposits, Chile’s Atacama Desert is among the driest places in the world, with an environment so unique, it has been used for simulations of Mars missions. Exploraciones Mineras Andinas S.A. (EMSA), established in 2004 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Codelco, is in charge of surveying the distribution of copper deposits in the region.



Front-line geological engineers must analyze mapping data and/or analyze samples on site. Their computers face a high risk of becoming inoperable under extreme desert temperatures, with impact and drop also common.

With mining operations around the world growing more costly, EMSA has to thoroughly evaluate a potential mine site for its volume of mineral deposits before profitability can be assessed. EMSA generally will not undertake a mining project without being absolutely sure of the chance for success.
Geological engineers rely heavily on computers for collecting data, testing minerals, and verifying mining maps. They need to improve upon old-fashioned paper-based operations and boost efficiency by incorporating computers, but conventional consumer-grade laptops are unable to withstand the harsh conditions EMSA professionals work in. They need advanced rugged devices that support smooth assessment to help enhance exploration productivity and mine capacity.


The F110 has the tolerances, computing power, and hot-swappable batteries needed to handle a full shift in the desert.

EMSA has been using Getac rugged computers for years, primarily the fully-rugged F110 tablet. Under the bright desert sun, Getac’s LumiBond® screen tech comes in handy by reducing reflective loss and increasing contrast. With enhanced readability, engineers can clearly see data and charts critical to decisionmaking. With its modest 1.39kg weight and 2.5cm slimness, the F110 travels well. With MIL-STD-810G-compliance, IP65-water and dust-resistance, and ATEX & IECEx Zone 2/22 ratings, it can handle stress. And with a wide operating temperature range of -21°C and 60°C, the F110 can withstand extreme desert temperature changes. Powered by Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 vPro™ processors with the Windows 10 operating system, the Getac F110 provides the compatibility and performance required to run complex software. And its dual hot-swappable batteries ensure continuous operation for a complete work shift.



The F110 offers the durability, computing power, and battery life for frontline engineers to complete exploration and topographical mapping tasks on the spot, which is critical to site manager decisionmaking and progress monitoring, while enabling smooth mining operations.

Mineral explorers were once able to discover mineral deposits simply by surveying the Earth’s surface. Mineral exploration today, however, goes much deeper, requiring more efficient methods for sampling, analysis, and map verification. Getac devices fit the bill.
Getac also provides comprehensive aftersales support and bumper-to-bumper warranty for its rugged solutions, which EMSA engineers speak highly of. They count on Getac rugged solutions to help them carry out challenging tasks without having to worry about the cost of replacing damaged computers or losing data. EMSA can rest assured that its team will achieve the goal while keeping costs at bay.

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Getac equipment is 100% reliable for work in extreme conditions which include high levels of dust and high temperatures

Carlos Delmonte Lizana
TICA Supervisor

About EMSA

Exploraciones Mineras Andinas S.A. (EMSA), established in 2004 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Codelco, the world’s largest copper supplier, is in charge of surveying the distribution of copper deposits in Chile.

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