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Dart Technologies (DARTT) uses Getac V110 convertible laptops to enhance their digital pressure testing system for oil and gas operations



To increase the accuracy, performance and reliability of their military-specification pressure testing system, DARTT is leveraging the unique capabilities of the fully rugged Getac V110 convertible laptop.



As well as durability and mobility, the DARTT Recorder requires a computing solution that can analyse sensor data quickly and efficiently

In the oil and gas industry, pressure testing is a critical process that helps to ensure the quality of completed work, increase safety and satisfy regulatory requirements. The tool traditionally used for this important task is the Circular Chart Recorder (CCR) which has been around since the 1800s. As well as requiring specialist knowledge, the CCR is cumbersome and time-consuming to operate, and the subjective data gathered often leads to inaccurate interpretations.

To overcome these issues, DARTT developed their revolutionary DARTT Recorder, which utilises digital technology to simplify testing, enable more accurate analysis and increase traceability. Importantly, the system requires a computing solution that can process large amounts of sensor information quickly, display results clearly, and is safe to use in potentially hazardous environments. A major consideration in selecting this equipment is the resilience required to handle some of the most extreme conditions in the world—from sub-zero temperatures on offshore platforms to a blistering 58°C in desert locations.


DARTT selected Getac V110 convertible notebooks due to their superior processing power, unmatched durability and safety certification.

DARTT chose the Getac V110, which has the capability to handle high-frequency data flows and run the sophisticated applications that control the DARTT Recorder. Importantly, the V110 can operate in temperatures between -21 and 60 degrees Celsius and is purpose-built to survive the harsh conditions where DARTT Recording systems are used.

The Getac V110 quickly transforms from a laptop to a tablet to provide users with new levels of flexibility and functionality. It features a large 11.6” display that utilises LumiBond® 2.0 technology for incredible clarity either indoors or in direct sunlight. The touch screen also supports multiple press, pinch and drag motions for zooming and panning, allowing operators to focus on areas of interest quickly. At a lightweight 2.1kg, and with a depth of 39mm, it fits neatly within the DARTT Recorder case, which can easily be carried around by one person.



The Getac V110 is helping operators to save time, increase accuracy and provide rapid feedback .

Unlike alternative solutions, the V110 runs perfectly in both extremely hot and cold environments, and the powerful processor generates results 15% faster than the previous mobile technology. Designed to go anywhere that pressure testing is needed, the V110 effectively stands up to the extreme temperatures, persistent vibrations, dust storms and salty ocean winds that are characteristic of oil and gas operations. Their sturdy construction provides rock-solid protection against bumps, drops and scrapes, and the bumper-to-bumper warranty reduces running costs by covering accidental damage.

With the dual batteries providing up to 13 hours of power—and the option to hot-swap and extend operating time—the V110s are also helping to reduce disruptions and increase productivity. In addition, the responsive touch screen makes them practical to use, and the user-friendly interface simplifies the pressure testing process and removes the need for specialist personnel. While the DARTT Recorder was designed for the oil and gas industry, it's also effectively used to support water, aviation, mining and pipeline operations.

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The Getac machines are high-spec and there are no issues or failures. They offer a very slick user experience, especially with the touchscreen. One of the biggest challenges for electronic equipment is extreme temperatures and the Getac machines have proven to operate perfectly in both extremely cold and extremely hot environments, which is unique in our experience.

Dave White
Managing Director, Dart Technologies

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