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The City of Pueblo outfits their police, fire & public works with Getac devices


Looking for a rugged computing solution that would withstand the harsh Colorado environment as well as the daily demands of police, fire and public works, Getac and HP partnered to present the City of Pueblo with a hardware solution tailored to their specific needs.



The City of Pueblo, Colorado public safety agencies have their hands full protecting their community in harsh weather conditions that call for rugged devices that are equally up to the task. The agencies also need a rugged device supplier that can truly deliver on service and support.

The City of Pueblo was particularly in need of outstanding customer support, having been long underserved by another provider that failed to perform on service requests, overall customer experience and technical issues. When the City of Pueblo was due for a refresh, Getac and HP approached City IT Director Lori Pinz, “Getac had to bring solid customer service. We needed a team to support our complex operations, and they had to prove to us that they would do just that.”


Getac V110 convertible laptops were chosen due to their lightweight design and sunlight-readable display, and were outfitted with custom barcode readers and GPS for drivers license recognition and location positioning.

After a rigorous two phase field pilot program, several formal command staff presentations and onsite visits every few weeks to answer questions, Getac and HP suggested the Getac V110 fully rugged convertible notebook.

The pilot program testing was comprised of a bench test for form factor ID and the second phase was in-car testing. Getac’s V110 was suggested due to its lightweight design, 7th generation Intel processors and sunlight-readable large 11.6” display.



Getac presented a specialized rugged solution with a V110 laptop that can meet the extreme demands of public safety work. Outstanding customer service included with every Getac product cuts crucial downtime to keep public safety operations up and running.

Over 150 Getac V110 notebooks have been deployed in the City of Pueblo with the majority of which going to police and fire units. Public works and City Water also refreshed their devices. The City of Pueblo chose Getac devices to improve public safety and response times. Getac and HP have the potential to expand this solution as needs increase with population.

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“After recognizing that Getac would fit both our hardware and our service needs, the choice to go with Getac was simple, Serving the community is a rigorous, crucial and demanding profession, and the computers we chose had to be strong enough to survive what we put them through daily.

Lor Pinz
IT Director, City of Pueblo

About City of Pueblo

Pueblo is a home rule municipality that is the county seat and the most populous City of Pueblo County, Colorado. With a very active violent crime prevention program, law enforcement agencies are extremely busy. Fire and public works have their hands full serving approximately 110,000 citizens. The City of Pueblo hosts urban and rural communities, with climate variants reaching up to 50 degrees, seeing triple digits in the summer and below zero temperatures in the winter.

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V110 Fully Rugged Laptop

A compact and lightweight laptop that quickly transforms from 11.6 inch display notebook to tablet computer.

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