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Getac V110 Convertible Laptop Speed St. Louis Area Responder Rate

Less than 1% Failure Rate

Increased Productivity

Greater Public Safety Awareness


Central County uses OMG (formerly Sierra Wireless) routers and runs their dispatching system off the routers using a customized Central Square Technology mobile client that routes the vehicles to their calls, then files and tracks all the notes and time slips related to that call. The system sounds simple, not terribly sophisticated at all, until all the potential variables are calculated. This put accurate and reliable GPS technology at the forefront of 911-CCE’s list of rugged technology needs.



“Our previous makers’ units were classic rugged laptops. They were big and bulky, an impediment to visibility in the vehicles’ cabs and harder to dock, undock, and move out of the way than the Getacs” says Thuston.

With the recent revamp of classic Caddies and Packards, the 911 Central County Emergency Department team is fully outfitted with shiny new Ford Crown Vic “chiefs’ cars,” equipped with today’s most eye-blistering blue-and-clear strobe lights on their roofs and blaring electronic “wa-wa” howlers that can be heard for a mile and a half in all directions. Deserving of the latest in rugged technology, 911 Central County Emergency’s tech guru, Matt Thuston, knew that an upgrade from “big, bulky, an impediment to visibility and hard to dock” rugged laptops was due.


Getac's V110 fully rugged notebook with 11.6” widescreen display and Lumibond 2.0 touchscreen technology.

  • Lightweight, rugged laptop upgradable to tablet mode provides 220 ambulance and fire trucks unparalleled graphics applications crucial to locating hotspots and supplying rescue crews.
  • Compact form factor allows ambulance rear mounting minimizing handwritten form-filling and storing patient-reporting data including vital signs and triage instructions.
  • Automated “fastest on scene” first-responder and backup unit routing.
  • Customized Central Square Technologies safe routing software boosts situational awareness cutting response time.


The Getac V110 is a compact and lightweight rugged laptop convertible that quickly transforms from an 11.6-inch display notebook to a tablet computer.

This robust and flexible device was instrumental in helping Central County 911 achieve increased response rates, improve situational awareness, and provide the fastest on-scene first responder and backup unit routing.

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Once they realized they could use the V110 for starting and following an electronic medical-reporting trail and even to begin the insurance company billing process, the number of employees buying into the program soared.

Matt Thuston
911 Central County Emergency’s Tech Guru

About Central County Emergency 911

Central County Emergency 911 proudly provides fire and emergency medical dispatching services for western St. Louis County and portions of Franklin County, Missouri.

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V110 Fully Rugged Convertible Laptops

The Getac V110 fully rugged notebook features outstanding performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6” widescreen display and a design that is as thin and light as ever – at 2.1kg light and 39mm thin.

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