Getac F110-EX fully-rugged tablet serves as a strong support for Brabo harbor pilots working at the Port of Antwerp


Real-time off-shore data exchange

Rated for saltwater & explosive air

Long battery life prevents untimely failures


Brabo harbor pilots are leveraging the F110-EX fully-rugged tablet for real-time communication and data exchange within their own ships, with other ships, and with people on shore.



A tablet computer used on the water must withstand saltwater, corrosive air, and potentially explosive conditions, without compromising its ability to communicate & exchange data in real time.

Seaports are challenging environments due to humidity, fog, extreme temperatures, impact, explosive fumes, and corrosive air. These conditions put a computer’s durability and reliability to the test. If it fails to perform, it could disrupt work, damage reputations, and even result in property loss, injury, or death.

Belgium’s Port of Antwerp, Europe's second-largest seaport, handles massive cargo turnover and heavy ship traffic. Brabo specializes in maritime services and has 300 employees, including 70 harbor pilots, operating out of the port, whose job is to navigate large vessels from lock to berth. Brabo’s pilots provides round-the-clock service, regardless of weather. In maneuvering ships, they rely on high-tech navigation tools to help cope with unpredictable weather conditions and carry out skilled critical tasks.

Situational awareness is important to a pilot. They need real-time comms with lock & bridge operators, tugmasters, and captains of inland vessels, and to monitor ship traffic, weather & water depth. They also must look up ship’s information from arrival at port to berthing, and report in a timely manner to the online port registration system. All require a portable tablet computer that can withstand the elements.


Brabo selected Getac’s third-gen F110-EX fully-rugged tablet computer for its power, connectivity, portability, and extreme environmental tolerances.

Brabo began implementing a full-scale digital transformation in 2017. On system integrator Nextel’s recommendation, Brabo harbor pilots now use Getac’s third-generation F110-EX fully-rugged tablet computer, a slim mobile device with a spacious 11.6-inch display and military-grade certification (MIL-STD810G), operable in explosive atmospheres (Zone 2/22).

Brabo selected the F110-EX because they needed a Windows-based ATEX-certified tablet with a large and clear sunlight-readable touchscreen display that can be worked while wearing gloves. With its wide operating temperature range between -21°C and 60°C, and a storage temperature range between -51°C and 71°C, the F110-EX is built for harsh treatment, salty air, chemical exposure, and almost any other stresses that might be encountered at a port.



Getac F110-EX provides complete support for Brabo’s harbor pilots as they safely guide ships from lock to berth.

The F110-EX’s screen clarity under direct sunlight and touch responsiveness to heavy-duty gloves allow Brabo’s harbor pilots to do their jobs smoothly, without creating any problems. The F110-EX is now used to register real-time data and consult harbor-specific data for ship guidance. In other words, the F110-EX is responsible for ship security and safety upon harbor entry and at departure.

Harbor pilots can also count on the ATEX-certified F110-EX to maintain reliable operation under the challenging environmental conditions at a seaport. Designed to be field-ready straight out of the box, the F110-EX needs no extra protective casing, and lasts 8-12 hours on a single charge, fully supporting a harbor pilot’s work for an entire shift – a critical feature.

Getac specially modified to the F110-EX to accommodate the needs of pilot work, boosting both productivity & efficiency. By fine-tuning display brightness, and the GPS & Wi-Fi modules, Nextel and Getac delivered a solution tailored to Brabo’s needs. Running Windows 10, the F110-EX smoothly integrated with Brabo’s software, enabling maximized RoI for its transformation efforts.

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The pilots and boatmen of Brabo are working under all type of weather conditions and different environmental situations, including the presence of explosive goods. To support the digital transformation of Brabo, the pilots and boatmen must rely on tools to support their daily work. After rigorous evaluation, Brabo chose the Getac F110 fully-rugged ATEX-certified touchscreen tablet that supports a full day shift and can be used in all weather situations and environments.

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About Brabo

Brabo is one of the world’s largest private providers of boatmen services, comprising over 60,000 employees. The safe piloting, mooring and unmooring of ships is Brabo’s core business. A Brabo pilot safely brings ships from lock to berth and back. Sea captains can navigate at sea, but they need assistance from someone with knowledge of the local situation. Someone who also speaks the language of the locksmen, bridge operators, tugmasters and captains of inland vessels. This is what Brabo’s harbor pilots do.

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F110-EX Fully Rugged Tablet

The Getac F110-EX ATEX certified fully rugged tablet brings powerful computing capabilities to Zone 2/22 hazardous environments.

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