Berlin utility emergency responders depend on the T800

More efficient emergency response

Fewer in-vehicle devices to connect

Mission-critical reliability


With a pipeline system almost 8,700 miles long and approximately 800,000 metering points, NBB is one of the largest gas network operators in Germany.



NBB wanted a more dynamic and real-time response system that enhanced field capability without device bloat.

The core activities of the Berlin-based NBB company include the maintenance and development of gas supply pipeline infrastructure, and the safe and reliable operation of the network. When a supply network fault occurs, the reporting center notifies and dispatches on-call emergency staff. Speed and efficiency are essential, as regulatory compliance requires that a fault’s site must be reached within 30 minutes under normal traffic and weather conditions.


During fault rectification, NBB uses the Getac T800 fully-rugged tablet to run the ‘MGC fault clearance service app’ developed by Mettenmeier.

When a fault is detected, emergency staff in their vehicles receive a notification on the T800’s display and enter a code to accept and confirm the assignment. During rectification, NBB only needs one device per vehicle, built into the center console using a special mounting that offers additional connections. The driver uses the T800 touchpad to navigate, with the MGC software sending out status updates.
Two devices per vehicle were sometimes needed in the past, but the in-vehicle office workstation can now also be operated by the T800, with the mouse, keyboard, and separate monitor used to process documents and navigate the pipeline system. This is a significant hardware advantage as NBB need no longer support/connect two in-vehicle devices.



The T800 enables dissemination of key information to field staff, and easier interaction with pipeline plans, with more to come.

During a callout, job data is displayed on the T800 screen, including an electronic job sheet where staff can see info that must be entered, and which fields are mandatory. The pipeline plan provided by the new solution is also significantly improved, and now navigable via the touchscreen, with a high-res image available at every zoom level. Plans once available only as grid plans can also now be clicked for added info. Network info is also updated daily via corporate subnet using a SIM built into the T800. Using CDA (Corporate Data Access) technology, the T800 can go online immediately and be always connected to the reporting center.

NBB is already planning future expansions using the T800. They’ve already started issuing it to their entire workforce. And in addition to house connection changes, these tablets will soon be used to service equipment or carry out tasks in gas supply plants, regardless of weather.

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The solution is highly-efficient. The stability of the devices, their touch features, GPS functionality, and broadband connectivity form the basis; the software provides better and safer handling and application. Due to the excellent connectivity of the tablet, we can now retrieve all technical data from the GIS. The improved availability of data makes it easier for our staff to do their job. The T800 can be comfortably operated with one hand, and its large high-resolution display ensures that data can be easily read, even under severe weather conditions. When carrying out work on a gas network, the availability of a rugged device that is reliable in every way simplifies the work of our staff to a considerable extent.

Mirko Häußler
Fault Management Expert at NBB

About Netzgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg

The grid company Berlin Brandenburg (‘Netzgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg’ – NBB) is one of the largest natural gas transmission companies in Germany involved in final distribution. Its core activities include maintenance and development of the supply network infrastructure, and the technically safe and efficient operation of the network.

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T800 Fully Rugged Tablet

The Getac T800 fully rugged tablet is always there when you need it. Its 8.1" screen is just the right size to get things done and its thin, ergonomic design allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand.

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