Baidu Chooses Getac for Internet of Vehicles Security

Getac customizes computers for the security team of the Baidu Internet of vehicles, to provide more efficient detection for vehicle information security.


Internet of Vehicles (IoV) ready

Controller Area Network (CAN) bus compatibility

Outdoor and workshop tolerances


Baidu, China’s leading search engine operator, has made self-driving vehicles a major business priority for the future. The company chose Getac to flesh out a network protection system for smart cars that helps solve a range of security issues.



The Internet of Vehicles security division for Chinese Internet giant Baidu has developed a smart car network protection system.

Baidu needed secure terminals to run the system. Such computers must be factory-floor ready, operable for prolonged periods outdoors, and expandable and customizable for auto industry-specific applications, while being secure enough to protect the data privacy of vehicle owners.

Tech and automobile leaders hope that fully automated vehicles can be road-ready as soon as possible, but full implementation will not be easy. Security is a pivotal concern, as hackers can access vehicular networks wirelessly and seize control of vehicles, on a small or large scale.


The X500 is Getac’s desktop-replacement flagship. Its customizability and expandability make it well-suited to Baidu’s needs.

Getac signed a contract with Baidu Internet of Vehicles to customize its X500 laptop to add a docking station that would connect to the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus for smart car security scanning, log analysis, known vulnerabilities detection, unknown vulnerabilities discovery, test report generation and repair suggestions.

The X500 is Getac’s 15.6-inch flagship, the largest and most capable laptop the company makes. Its fully rugged build makes it well-suited to workshop and outdoor stresses, while offering the customizability and expandability needed for a smart vehicle interface. The X500 comes with an optional expansion slot—an incomparable advantage over most rugged laptops—and two optional slots for PCI or PCI Express 3.0, combining the power of desktop expansion with laptop portability. With a docking station installed, the X500 can connect to a vehicle’s CAN interface easily, enabling security vulnerability scanning in the body control module, passive entry passive start system, gateway, anti-lock braking system, and engine management system.



The Getac X500 meets Baidu’s needs for a sturdy, durable machine that can withstand workshop or laboratory conditions, featuring MIL-STD 810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461G certifications.

The X500 can withstand the wear and tear of automotive use, including impact, splashing liquid, vibration and falls. Getac’s expertise and customer service are also a major advantage, as Baidu needs a partner that can work closely to ensure equipment customization. In addition, Getac has helped Baidu integrate the necessary software and connectors while offering valuable recommendations.

With the customized Getac X500, Baidu staff can perform vehicle security scans in harsh environments, anytime, anywhere and provide test reports and suggestions for modification to ensure information security for a vehicle’s onboard computing system. The Getac 500 has helped Baidu eliminate the danger of intrusion by bad actors and enable superior work efficiency

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We need to fully scan the vehicle bus information. The Getac X500 provides us with full scalability, mobility and durability, and we are very satisfied.

Engineer of Baidu Internet of Vehicles
Baidu, Chinese search engines.

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