Smith Myers puts Getac’s UX10 fully rugged tablet at the heart of its award winning ARTEMIS search and rescue IT solution



Smith Myers is a UK-based communications company specialising in search and rescue IT solutions. The nature of search and rescue operations means all devices and equipment it uses in its award winning ARTEMIS system must be able to operate effectively in a wide range of challenging environments and weather conditions.


Smith Myers uses Getac’s UX10 fully rugged tablet at the heart of ARTEMIS due to its combination of powerful performance, rugged reliability and excellent versatility. In addition to industry leading rugged credentials, the UX10’s excellent battery life and full HD, 1000 NIT touchscreen display make it ideally suited to the demands of search and rescue operations.



With the UX10, Smith Myers knows all its customers have a device that they can rely on, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions faced. This means that instead of worrying about their equipment, search and rescue teams can stay laser focussed on the task at hand, which is finding people in distress and saving lives.

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“The Getac UX10 gives us the flexibility required to run our system in the harshest of environments, where search and rescue missions occur.”

Ewan MacDonald
Training Manager at Smith Myers

About Smith Myers Communication Ltd

Smith Myers Communications Ltd was formed in 1987 from the design partnership of Tony Smith and Peter Myers, both previously engaged as freelance design engineers. That same year saw the launch of the first in a series of radically different test and measurement equipment for the new burgeoning cellular radio market. Intuitive and easy to use, the equipment’s simple user interface masked the complexity of cellular radio technology and protocols. Ease of use became the hall mark of Smith Myers equipment, and even today the user friendly interface offers the professional user the tools to achieve their mission goals in difficult environments.

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UX10 Fully Rugged Tablet

A versatile and portable tablet fully ready to deliver digital transformation in environments where rugged performance is required.

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