Taipei, 16 September 2019: Getac today announced its rugged solutions are being used by İGA Airport Fuel Services (İGA Havalimanı Akaryakıt Hizmetleri A.Ş.) to power the state-of-the-art automated aircraft refuelling system at Istanbul Airport, the world’s largest airport.  Getac’s F110 rugged tablet provides a comprehensive solution that allows the airport’s fleet of ‘hydrant dispenser’ vehicles to remotely connect with a central control system from anywhere on the apron and initiate the automatic refuelling process. As a result, every aircraft can be prepared for its next departure in around 45 minutes, helping the airport maintain a tight schedule.

Opened in April 2019, Istanbul Airport aims to become the number one aviation hub in the world. When fully completed in 2027, its six runways and four terminals will have the capacity to serve up to 200 million passengers annually, nearly double that of the world’s next largest airport; Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International. That means more than half a million passengers will pass through Istanbul Airport every day, a level of traffic that’s never been attempted in an airport before.

Key to achieving this unprecedented feat are technological inventions that reduce turnaround time to a bare minimum. With planes arriving or departing at an average rate of one per minute, efficient turnaround service on the ground is essential.  Aviation law states refuelling cannot start until all passengers have disembarked, leaving just 45-60 minutes to prepare the plane for its next scheduled departure. Fast, accurate refuelling is critical to hitting this tight schedule, so the airport uses a state-of-the-art automated refuelling system operated by İGA Airport Fuel Services. Covering the entire apron area of 6.5 million m2, this automated system offers numerous advantages over traditional fuel trucks, including faster, more accurate refuelling, reduced apron congestion and safer operations.

Getac’s rugged solution lies at the heart of this innovative system. A fleet of 60 hydrant dispensers, each equipped with a Getac F110 rugged tablet, is used to meet newly arrived planes and connect them to the airport’s fuel pumps situated underneath the apron. Hydrant dispenser operators use the tablet’s powerful inbuilt 4G connectivity to remotely communicate with the system’s central control and initiate refuelling, automatically delivering the precise amount of fuel required. Operators can also liaise with central office dispatchers from anywhere on the apron via the tablet, ensuring they are in position to meet the next incoming aircraft as soon as it arrives.

“Smooth airport operations rely on fast, effective communication coupled with equipment that can be relied on in all conditions,” says Seyfullah Yavuz, Delivery Facility Operation Chief, İGA Airport Fuel Services. “Not only can Getac’s rugged solutions survive the physical airport work environment, but they also connect seamlessly with our automated fuelling system, eliminating errors and delivering efficiency savings of up to 60 per cent over traditional fuel tanker trucks.”

With 50 of its 60 hydrant dispensers being electric vehicles, İGA Airport Fuel Services also uses the F110 to track their remaining battery life via integrated real-time vehicle monitoring software. The tablet’s large display and powerful processor means operators can use a split-screen view to see both refuelling progress and battery life simultaneously, helping to prevent vehicle breakdowns. The screen is designed to be easy to read and operate in all conditions, even direct sunlight or rain. The rugged tablet can withstand hazards such as dust, water, or vibration and remain operational, preventing costly downtime caused by equipment failure. In the event of any additional technical assistance being required, Getac’s Turkish partner Noya Bilgisayar is on hand to assist İGA Airport Fuel Services at any time.

“The Getac solution we have provided to Istanbul Airport offers the perfect combination of rugged reliability, powerful connectivity and flexible performance,” says Rick Hwang, President of Rugged Business Unit at Getac Technology Corporation. “İGA Airport Fuel Services no longer needs to worry about equipment failure or reliability issues, meaning its drivers and dispatchers can focus on delivering a seamless service at all times.”


The F110 is available to buy now. For more information, please visit:

About Getac

Getac Technology Corporation, a key subsidiary of MiTAC-Synnex Business Group (2018 annual revenue $38 billion USD), was established in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defence electronic products. Getac’s business coverage includes; rugged notebooks, rugged tablet PCs and mobile video solution for military, public safety, utility, manufacturing, transportation, automotive and logistics customers. Getac’s strong R&D capabilities allow it to provide a high level of bespoke engineering and all-aspect hardware-software integration solutions. For more information visit:

About Noya Bilgisayar

For this project, IGA has contacted with Getac’s Turkish Partner Noya Bilgisayar, an Istanbul-based technology company with 25 years of history.  Project experts of Noya analysed the customer needs and positioned Getac F110 rugged tablet with its vehicle dock, which were properly matching the requirements.  After supplying a demo set for product evaluation, Noya worked closely with IGA and their software partner during the very intensive and challenging development, implementation and testing phases.

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