Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Logistics | Definition & Strategies

Explore the intricacies of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) logistics, its processes, technologies, future trends, and how Getac Solutions aids efficiency.


Definition of Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Logistics

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) or aircraft on ground logistics involves the rapid transportation and delivery of essential parts or services to grounded aircraft due to technical reasons. In the aviation industry, time is of the essence; any delays can lead to substantial financial costs and impact customer satisfaction.

Importance of

AOG Logistics in Aviation

AOG logistics plays a crucial role in aviation. When a plane is on the ground for unscheduled maintenance or repair, it's not generating revenue, and it's potentially disrupting air traffic. Thus, AOG logistics aims to minimize the costs and downtime of grounded aircraft through fast delivery of spare parts and critical services.

Common Causes and Impact of AOG Situations

The common causes of AOG situations range from mechanical failures to necessary maintenance and inspections that were not completed on time. The impact of AOG situations can be extensive, leading to delayed flights, unhappy passengers, and a chain reaction of disruption in the tightly scheduled airline operations.

AOG Logistics Processes and Strategies

Identifying and Prioritizing AOG Situations

AOG Classification and Severity Levels

AOG situations are categorized based on severity levels, considering the type of plane repair required, critical components it needs, and its potential impact on flight schedules. A minor technical issue might be categorized at a lower severity level, while a critical engine failure would be a high severity AOG situation. This classification helps prioritize responses and allocate resources effectively.

Communication and Coordination

Rapid and clear communication is essential in managing AOG situations. Effective coordination between ground staff, engineers, service suppliers, and emergency logistics teams can deliver improved response times and ensure the right resources are allocated promptly.

Decision-Making and Resource Allocation

Prompt and informed decision-making is critical in AOG logistics. Based on the severity of the AOG situation and the available resources, decisions are made on what parts critical services are needed, the quickest method of sourcing these essential parts, and the most efficient transportation method.

AOG Parts and Materials Sourcing

Inventory Management and Optimization

Effective inventory management is crucial to ensure fast access to needed parts. Predictive maintenance technologies can help customers optimize inventories by predicting when parts will likely need replacement, allowing for proactive stocking of critical components.

Vendor and Supplier Relationships

Strong relationships with reliable vendors and suppliers ensure timely availability and shipment of plane parts. These relationships can also play a pivotal role in expediting the procurement process in emergency situations.

Expedited Procurement and Ground Shipping Services

Expedited procurement and shipping options, including air, ground, and sea, are utilized based on the location and urgency of the AOG situation. These methods ensure that parts reach the grounded aircraft as quickly as possible to minimize flight downtime.

Aircraft on Ground Logistics and Transportation

Transportation and shipping logistics in AOG scenarios involve selecting the most efficient shipping and urgent delivery methods, understanding and complying with customs and import/export regulations, and meticulously tracking and monitoring shipments to provide real-time shipment updates.

Optimizing Aircraft Cargo Space

Maximizing cargo capacity on aircraft is crucial to AOG logistics. Managing cargo capacity on freighter aircraft, which have predetermined space and weight limitations, is more straightforward compared to passenger wide-body aircraft. Passenger flights require careful planning to optimize space after accommodating passengers and their luggage.

In managing cargo capacity, airlines often use airline capacity optimization solution software. Such software digitalizes the quotation process, optimizes capacity control, provides ULD (Unit Load Device) build-up plans, and ensures proper weight and balance for aircraft.

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Technologies and Tools for

AOG Logistics Management


Software and Applications in AOG Logistics

Various software applications are instrumental in managing AOG logistics. These tools facilitate real-time tracking and monitoring of grounded aircraft, parts delivery and shipment, and service dispatch, keeping all stakeholders informed of the progress. They also aid in communication and collaboration, streamlining the coordination of logistics processes and decision-making.


Inventory and Supply Chain Management Systems

Inventory and supply chain management systems are essential tools in AOG logistics. These systems help companies maintain optimal inventory levels, ensuring that critical parts are always available for easy website tracking and fast delivery. They also aid in monitoring supplier performance, which is crucial in managing delivery times and maintaining the quality of parts and services.

Furthermore, these systems integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to provide a holistic view of operations. This integration helps streamline processes, reduces redundancies, and enhances efficiency in managing AOG situations.


Modern Transportation and Shipment Tracking Tools

Modern transportation and shipment tracking tools are another integral part of AOG logistics. Technologies like Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking offer real-time visibility of parts delivery, enabling companies to track the progress of shipments and estimate arrival times accurately to a destination.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology is also used extensively. With RFID, parts can be tracked from the warehouse to the aircraft, providing complete traceability and reducing the risk of misplacement or loss.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is another key technology used in the AOG shipping logistics. EDI allows for efficient data sharing between airlines, suppliers, and logistic providers. This seamless exchange of information accelerates the delivery process, enhances coordination, and reduces the risk of errors, further improving the management of all AOG shipping situations.

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Getac Solutions for AOG Logistics

Enhancing Transport and Logistics Operations

Catering to the unique demands of the transport and logistics industry, Getac Solutions offers a range of rugged computing devices and solutions. These tools are designed to withstand harsh operational environments, such as those encountered in aviation logistics, while enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

By ensuring data accuracy and real-time communication, these solutions help reduce delays in decision-making and expedite the resolution of AOG situations.

Enabling Automated Refueling Solutions

By collaborating with Istanbul Airport, Getac Solutions has developed an automated refueling solution powered by their rugged computing devices. Efficient refueling processes are essential for helping minimize aircraft downtime and optimizing turnaround times, which in turn reduces the impact of AOG situations on passengers.

ATEX and IECEX Certified Computing Devices

Getac offers tablets designed for hazardous environments, certified by both ATEX and IECEx. ATEX, a European Union directive, ensures devices are safe for explosive atmospheres found in industries like manufacturing. Such atmospheres have air, ignition sources, and flammable substances. IECEx, an international standard, similarly certifies products for explosive conditions. While ATEX is specific to the EU, IECEx has global acceptance. Both certifications underscore the equipment's safety in explosive settings. Atex Tablets

Supporting Airport Management

Airport management is a complex process involving a myriad of elements, from scheduling to AOG management. Getac Solutions provides comprehensive solutions for this, including rugged tablets. These technologies provide real-time access to critical information, enabling efficient coordination, rapid response to AOG situations, and overall enhanced airport operations.

Future Trends and Innovations

in AOG Logistics

Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics are increasingly being utilized in AOG logistics to anticipate potential issues, manage inventories, and optimize delivery processes. By analyzing patterns in AOG incidents and response times, AI can help businesses in aviation predict and prevent future AOG events.

Digitalization and automation are also playing a pivotal role. As the world continues to embrace digital transformation, the use of sophisticated software applications that streamline AOG logistics has become more prevalent. These technologies help businesses to facilitate real-time communication, speed up the delivery process, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Moreover, in a bid to reduce their environmental footprint, many players are looking towards sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in AOG logistics and ground shipping services. This includes the use of electric vehicles for destination shipping services and renewable energy sources to power warehouses and logistics operations.

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) logistics service plays an indispensable role in aviation. Its pivotal function lies in swiftly and efficiently managing grounded aircraft situations due to technical or other reasons, thereby minimizing disruptions in flight schedules.

From identifying and prioritizing AOG situations based on their destination and severity to sourcing required parts and optimizing cargo capacity on aircraft, the entire airline AOG logistics process requires strategic planning, effective communication, and precise decision-making.

As the aviation industry continues to embrace technological advancements like AI and digitalization, and shifts towards sustainable practices, Getac Solutions is poised to stay aligned and deliver with these trends, offering robust solutions that cater to the evolving needs of AOG logistics company customers.

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