Intralogistics drives the importance to maintain a competitive advantage in supply chain management.
26 Aug 2021

Intralogistics 4.0: Automated, Decentralized, Flexible

In a world where both same-day shipping and supply chain disruptions are the norm, control, implementation, and optimization of materials is no longer just a matter for the internal organization. Intralogistics is driving the importance of maintaining a competitive advantage.

Logistics of goods and tracking data were already soaring before the pandemic. Since then, it has also achieved an almost surreal level of growth, with expectations for speed and precision growing in lockstep. Staying on top of transport and logistics (T&L) requires more than merely using RFID or barcode tracking on every package. The overall infrastructure to manage and track the data in real-time needs enhancing to prevent bottlenecks generated by centralized hubs with manual processes. In addition, decentralized automated intralogistics management enables improved operational efficiencies.

Klaus-Dieter Rosenbach, Chairman of the VDMA Association for Materials Handling and Intralogistics, said, “We are experiencing a change in the flow of materials and supply chains because of growing online commerce and increasingly networked production. These changes can only be mapped and designed using smart intralogistics.“

And according to Professor Johannes Fottner, Chair of Materials Handling Technology at Material Flow Logistics, increasingly flexible automated or semi-automated systems significantly increase business competitiveness. It also strengthens the ability to respond to market changes, providing a great opportunity.

Getac explores this opportunity in our latest whitepaper, delving into what flexible, automated, smart, and decentralized intralogistics looks like in the real world, the key technologies that support it, and the equipment that supports them. We explore real-time visualization of goods via IoT, process restructuring via AR, how blockchain enhances security, and much more. It won’t be confined to the Fortune 500. We’ll also explore what Intralogistics 4.0 means for smaller firms and how they can take advantage of it.

Download the whitepaper here.

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