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Command and Control

Whether viewing video from a UAV feed, messaging coordinates/position, sending intel to higher command, checking terrain or setting up SATCOM, Getac rugged computers have the processing power and graphics needed for today’s missions.


Situational Awareness

Getac products can manage the demand of running multiple applications at the same time. From mapping, mission sets and terrain to reach-back capabilities to a command center, we have you covered.

Mission Planning

With large display solutions like the X500 and S410 for JMPS, paired with reliable performance from the processor to the graphics, all aspects of mission planning can be performed with Getac rugged solutions.

Logistics Support

Equipped with Bar Code Readers, Getac rugged tablets and rugged computers have aided in the movement of ground equipment, throughout the military supply chain.

Flightline Maintenance

With a MIL-STD design and sunlight-readable touchscreen, Getac rugged laptops, tablets and convertibles have been deployed to bases all over the world, allowing military maintainers to complete repairs and inspections in some of the harshest environments.

Tactical Communication

Tactical communications are critical to keeping defense and relief forces securely connected. Getac devices link field forces back to the command post. Combined with a satellite tracking system, Getac MIL-461F certified devices enable ground forces to track and communicate with individual vehicles on the frontline.


Rugged mobile computing that delivers precision, accuracy, and reliability.


Getac has 30 years of Rugged Innovation in the Defense Sector worldwide, with Global Annual revenue exceeding $729M. Getac is committed to providing our Military customers with solutions that align with Size, Weight, and Power reduction objectives. The Most cost effective, Built for the Military, Rugged Computing Solutions in the Industry, focused on you and your mission.


We practice strict product lifecycle management to fulfill product verifications, minimizing the number of system platform changes and control migration to new generations. The emphasis is on establishing a clear, long-term roadmap and gradually integrating, and migrating to, new technologies avoiding unnecessary technical redundancies.


Customers seeking the best in rugged computing technology are choosing Getac because of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Getac devices have one of the lowest failure rates in the industry. Getac offers an industry best 3 to 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on all its fully rugged products, including accidental damage. Our devices are serviced by FedEx Logistics, ensuring your products are back in your hands as soon as possible,


We offer complete system integration such as firmware and software setup to fulfill military security requirements. Customized solutions include Custom BIOS settings, military-camouflage color requirements, incorporation and installation of military connectors and legacy interfaces, asset tagging, logo badge and ID customizations.


Our mission-critical computing solutions deliver high performance, durability, and reliability to aide in your operational effectiveness. These purpose built/customer driven solutions are proven in all aspects of daily Military Operations, from C4I, Warehousing & Logistics, to Technical orders on the flightline, where downtime is not an option.


Getac products are manufactured, tested and certified to the strict industry standards for Rugged Products, with MIL810G and MIL461G certifications, but we go above and beyond. At Getac, we push the limits with our products, to ensure they perform in the harshest environments, as you push the limits in your Mission.


US Air Force

Updating Legacy Technology

The United States Air Force requires careful handling, storing and transporting of munitions. However, stringent electromagnetic radiation rules inhibit the use of wireless technology near electrically initiated devices and explosives. USAF Master Sergeant Zeshan Meer worked with Getac to customize the F110 to the military’s specs, finally updating a decade of legacy technology.