Your Getac: Making Health and Wellness a Priority
8 Apr 2021

Your Getac: Making Health and Wellness a Priority

Among the many employee perks at Getac is our Healthy at Getac program, which helps employees make health, fitness, and wellbeing a priority. This program includes activities such as boot camps, boxing, and barre classes, to name a few.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we transitioned all Getac-sponsored wellness classes to virtual experiences for our teams to participate in promoting healthy activities like yoga and meditation while working from home.

For this month’s “Your Getac” blog series, where we get to know more about Getac employees’ lives both inside and outside of the office, we asked employees what the Healthy at Getac program means to them and found out how they’re staying healthy at home.

What does Healthy at Getac mean to you?

“Healthy at Getac means balance. Being able to keep work organized and all my goals on track as well as having enough time for friends and family is important for mental health. I love that when we all get together there’s always time to catch up as a team and time for everything we need to learn and accomplish as a company.” – AJ G., Engineering

“It means taking care of my body and mental health by eating well, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, and having positive interactions with my peers. It also means maintaining a positive attitude which helps enhance customer and work relationships.” – Carlos G., Technical Support

What has been your favorite Healthy at Getac event of 2021?

Throughout the pandemic, I have enjoyed taking part in the cooking class. I liked learning how to cook new and healthy recipes and getting to try new foods from different cultural areas of the world. – Chad M., Engineering

How are you staying healthy while working at home?

“I try to stay healthy while working at home by taking daily walks with my family and making wiser food choices. You can’t forget to get out and take in that fresh air as well. Turning on some music and dancing the night away with my wife and family is also a fun way to stay active.” – Art S., Professional Services

“It can be challenging to fit in activity while working at home. I purchased a Peloton bike during the pandemic and have been riding at least three days a week since. My sister and I hold each other accountable to make sure we get our rides in. Additionally, I find that setting activity and calorie goals on my Apple Watch helps to keep me motivated and aware. Another simple way to improve my health while working from home is using a standing desk. My office is in the basement, and I make a lot of trips up and down the stairs each day. staying active in general has improved my overall health and riding my bike helps to relieve stress and improves sleep. Working from home can mean working more hours. I’ve learned it’s important to incorporate me time in the form of activity. I feel better and tend to be more productive overall.” – Tammy T., Getac Sales

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