25 Jun 2021

Your Getac: Celebrating the Dads in Our Family

We’re introducing a “Your Getac” series where we’ll get to know more about Getac employees’ lives both inside and outside of the office. We know that being a Getac team member is only one part of what makes our team amazing, and we look forward to learning more about all the incredible people we have in the family.

In honor of Father’s Day this month, we asked a few of our colleagues how their fathers have influenced their careers, and we received tips from Getac dads for working from home with kids during the coronavirus pandemic.

How has your dad influenced your career?

“There are many ways in which my dad has influenced my life. He has grit, he’s persistent, and always makes time for the people he loves. His perseverance was passed along to me and has helped me power through the difficult times in life. He’s shown me that nothing is impossible and there is always a way to get something done, but it’s not always the easiest route. My dad moved from Australia to America to become a leathermaker when he was only 19 years old. He had nothing more than a dream and a small duffle bag. His charisma, hard work, and tenacity prevailed.” – Mika T., Talent Acquisition

“Throughout my life, my dad has set the standard for what it means to ‘put in the work.’ As the cliché goes my dad moved to New York from Ireland at the age of 24 with only $60 to his name. Throughout my formative years I watched as my dad worked harder than anyone I’ve ever known, building a thriving business that afforded my family every luxury he grew up without. Without directly intending to my dad instilled the importance of a dedicated work ethic and the drive to achieve more than what’s expected in my sisters and I. Armed with the example my dad has set and equipped with the tools for success that he has provided me I strive to accomplish similarly scaled success.” – Keeva O., Industry Marketing

What are some of your tips for working at home with your kids?

“Here are a few of the things I learned last year when schools closed, and our house seemed to shrink down to a studio apartment. Kids, like adults, need stability to thrive. Have a schedule for weekdays, even if it gets blown up by lunchtime. Asking my kids for input on what they wanted to accomplish the next day allowed them to feel in control and not be surprised in the morning. Another thing that helped the kids adjust to a new schedule and deal with uncertainty was negotiation. While things like baths, meals, and brushing teeth weren’t up for discussion, everything else was fair game. Don’t want to clean your room? Fine, let’s talk about what it’ll take to put that off another day/week. Working from home with kids is tough but realizing it’s just as tough on them as it is you, is a great starting point to facing that challenge together. Oh, and maybe don’t add a pandemic puppy to the 3 kids and family dog already in the house. We love her but that wasn’t really bright! – Chris G., Getac Channel Sales

“The number one tip for working at home with kids is having an amazing wife that seems to handle so much of the responsibility. Also, in the past few homes we’ve lived in we would start the process to build a detached office in the farthest corner of the property. This has been an ideal setup given physical distance helps to diminish interruption. Yes, you can call it a shack or what have you, but it works! At this point, we are lucky in that our children are at the age where they understand the rules of engagement. There is an area around the office where no fighting or escalated play can happen during office hours. Also, I can be seen from a window in my office where if they see me wearing a headset that means keep at bay. Lastly of course just as you would in the office when you grab a refill of coffee/water or make a pitstop to the restroom, check-in and say hello in their territory. Overall, the setup works for us but can be more challenging during the earlier years of your kid’s development, so just remember to tell your wife, husband, nana, or whoever that person might be that is taking on the grunt of supervision that you are not worthy and appreciate all that they do.” – Meade M., Utility Sales

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