Getac Responds To The SDGs

Focusing on our four goals and continuing to create long-term value.
he UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a strategic roadmap for the responses of enterprises to climate change and consumer demands. Issues of primary concern to enterprises and future possibilities and directions in the field of corporate sustainability can be identified through reviews of these 17 goals. Getac has singled out sustainability actions and corresponding goals based on factors such as industry attributes, core capabilities of the company, available resources, feasibility, and stakeholder expectations on the foundation of the UN SDGs. Mid- and long-term sustainability strategies of the Company will focus on the following four SDGs: Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, infrastructure, Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, and Goal 4: Quality Education. Action plans are being implemented in the daily operations of the Company in the two categories of “welfare thrust” and “corporate thrust.”

In the welfare thrust dimension, the Company engages in charitable donations and utilizes its technological capabilities to improve the quality of education in remote areas through its Getac Charity Trust Fund. The Company also organizes “Y.S. Award” competitions to provide promising young students with a platform and opportunity to give free rein to their creativity and thereby train much-needed star performers of the future age of AI. In the field of corporate operations, the Company is implementing process innovation, enhancing its energy use efficiency, and promoting the universal use of eco-friendly materials by relying on R&D efforts in core technologies. Getac actively develops industries with high-added value to enhance its corporate value, with the ultimate goal of creating new employment opportunities. The Company also strives to build a work environment characterized by equality and mutual respect and a climate conducive to learning and growth to foster talent cultivation as a driving force for innovative R&D. Getac maximizes its influence on supply chain partners through communication, supervision, and encouragement to promote respect for human rights and environmental protection and harness its powers as a corporate citizen for positive causes.

Constant Recycling Of Resources To Achieve Maximum Benefits Is Our Core Sustainability Goal
  • To improve air quality, Getac inspects VOCs raw materials according to strict standards. In 2020, China factories implemented the "Blue Sky Project-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Related Regulations.“
  • In 2020, no violations were committed in the field of waste gas, wastewater, and solid waste.

Encouragement Of Talent Innovation Diversity And Equality As The Best Catalyst
  • Enhancement Of Employee Competencies - In 2020, all employees received an average of 75.26 hours of diversified competency training.
  • Safeguarding Of Human Rights - All plants strictly prohibit the use of child labor and forced labor.

Utilization Of Core Technologies Continued Promotion Of Process Innovation
  • Investing In Equipment to Improve Energy Efficiency–In 2020, a total of 9,824 MWh of electricity were saved, equivalent to a carbon reduction of 6,208 CO2e metric tons.
  • Enhanced Energy Use Efficiency – “Green Molding” generated energy savings of 14,842 MWh (2017-2020), equivalent to a carbon reduction of 9,088 CO2e metric tons.

Unlimited Learning Possibilities Through The Combination Of Physical And Digital Approaches And Resources
  • Grants And Scholarships For Financially Challenged Students: Grants and scholarships for financially challenged students in northern Thailand enrolled at Tzu Chi University.
  • Donation of clothing for financially challenged students at Quaker Care Center for underprivileged families in Huilong, Taiwan.
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration & Generational Empowerment: Campus recruitment program & Y.S. Award.