Levorato Marcevaggi Chooses Getac Solution to Optimize Processes in Airports


GETAC F110. The right solution for fuel storage & intoplane service optimization processes in airports

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Levorato Marcevaggi is an Italian company with over 70 years of history, which operates in the field of dangerous goods road transport ,with a fleet of over 500 vehicles. In 2009, the company opened a second business line the, storage and intoplane service, becoming a leader in few years. Its customers include the most important oil companies, airlines and airports. The company is certified by the competent bodies to provide storage and refuelling services, and has special receipt and storage areas in 8 national and international airports. Moreover, depending on the type of airport, Levorato offers two types of service, both through the classic tanker properly equipped to refuel an aircraft and through "dispensers" that use the underground hydrant network to put the fuel on board. All vehicles are equipped with electronic head, platform and double delivery hose, guaranteeing the refuelling of any type of aircraft. Refuelling services are provided many times a day, with more than 250,000 per year, often under extreme conditions and in all weather conditions. Precisely because of the particular operating conditions, to correctly manage the aircraft refuelling operations on the runway ready for take-off, as well as the related documents and the flow of information, the vehicle drivers must be able to rely on robust and reliable devices. All these needs have imposed on the company a complete review and digitization of its processes, to allow all operators involved in the whole refuelling process to work together and be coordinated remotely, so as to exclude any possibility of service error. It was therefore necessary to find a fully integrated hardware and software platform, with a view to greater efficiency and better customer and supplier support.

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Having to reshape the entire information flow, Levorato selected the IT partner Infoteam to evaluate the right device to use. Together with Getac, Infoteam has developed a complete solution based on the Fully Rugged F110 tablet and vehicle dock. Since 2016, the Getac F110 fully rugged tablet has proven to be the perfect solution for the group's needs in terms of mobility performance, size, weight, safety and robustness. It also integrates innovative technologies, a large 11.6" display with LumiBond® 2.0 technology that ensures readability in sunlight inside the cabin and a touch screen that can be used with work gloves or nibs, as well as WiFi and 4G connectivity, essential for those working outdoors. The Getac solution installed inside the driver's cab of all LM vehicles, i.e. the extremely compact Tablet F110 combined with the Dock for vehicles with two serial ports available, allows the company to manage some operations in total autonomy, such as starting the refuelling from the tablet to the aircraft with a simple click, print a delivery note or report, or view the litre-counter reading on the display in real time. The Getac Fully Rugged F110 tablet is resistant to vibration, shock and extreme temperatures, essential requirements for working efficiently and without fear of interruptions during the movement of vehicles and operational phases of aircraft refuelling.


The Getac solution proposed by Infoteam as an appropriate technological support to digitization, has led to a process of reorganization and innovation of previous solutions. In the past, the aircraft refuelling process was manually managed both for the dispatching and back-office tasks. As a result, this methodology delayed the related administrative workflow, from registration to invoicing. Today, thanks to Getac's high-performance solution, the change of strategy adopted by Levorato Marcevaggi has allowed the company to optimise internal and external resources and place the customer at the heart of this innovation. There have been many benefits. In addition to the peace of mind of being able to work safely in critical environments, in the rain or in direct sunlight without having to interrupt work, another important factor is the absence of potential errors in aircraft refuelling: the measurement system must fit perfectly with the requested amount and this now takes place in real time thanks to the Getac F110 tablet mounted in the vehicle cabin. Further advantages include the possibility to monitor the driver's activity and the operational status, thanks to 4G connectivity, speeding up daily reporting and improving all back office and administrative activities. The operators’ job has also benefited from the change, the new devices were well accepted, because the margin to make mistakes has been greatly reduced.

Francesco Tamai - Business Development Manager at Levorato

"There are many fundamental aspects that convinced us to choose Getac. From a technical point of view, certainly the reliability of a company like Getac, the guarantee of being able to rely on durable devices and the Tablet and Docking Station solution, an essential platform for our operations. In addition, the reliability of our after-sales services and the Bumper to Bumper warranty, which includes not only faults but also accidental damage, thus minimising product downtime, have convinced us to choose Getac as our partner. Tablets installed in vehicles must guarantee maximum performance in harsh environments but it can happen, perhaps in stressful situations, that they are unintentionally damaged. Since we cannot risk working interruptions, the high level of after-sales service offered by Getac is a prerequisite for us.

About Infoteam

Infoteam is an Italian Solution Company founded in 1999 and active in the IT sector, which provides its customers with advanced consulting services and supplies solutions for the management and maintenance of corporate IT systems.


"This project was born from the dialogue between us and the Management of Levorato Marcevaggi to understand their needs and expectations. We then developed a design that combined a custom software solution with rugged hardware with specific features. With Getac we have found an attentive interlocutor to listen to our needs, willing to provide customised advice to identify the optimal solution for installation on vehicles using the Dock Station, and last but not least, the possibility for us and our customer to test the effectiveness of the Tablet before purchase.”

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