Zulu Medical, an innovative SME, was founded in July 2014 and is active in the design and development of professional software in the field of digital medicine. In particular, Zulu Medical has created and now markets a platform for the integration of a range of medical devices for the collection, sharing and consultation of clinical and environmental medical data in the first aid and outpatient settings for the management of chronic patients in home care. The infrastructure has been registered with an international patent and has obtained CE marking as a medical device. Zulu Medical cooperates with several 118 emergency services and cardiology departments.

*Any collaboration between Getac Technology Corp and Zulu Medical srl is currently available in Italy only.

Zulu Medical provide an innovative solution to solve the many challenges of out-of-hospital emergency rescues…
In extreme emergency rescue missions even a loss of a few seconds can be fatal for the patient. Getac's powerful, rugged mobile computing in conjunction with Zulu Medical’s digital software answers the specific needs of the emergency healthcare services to provide a Total Solution for managing the complexities of emergency medicine and out-of-hospital care in critical first aid rescue scenarios.

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