Rugged PS236 Saves on Manpower For Leica Geosystems Customers

Leica products are trusted by professionals to help them capture, model, analyse, visualise and present spatial information. With a failure rate of less than two per cent per annum, the Getac PS236 will help reduce support and servicing costs for Leica.

The PS236 is being used with the Leica iCON software solution together with the Leica iCON robot 50 total station. Leica wanted an easy, lightweight solution to control the iCON units and the system now offers operators the scalability of being able to change the top of the PDA for a long range Bluetooth module and antenna, thanks to proprietary Getac’s FlexiConn technology.  This allows users to run equipment in one mode and jump to a higher range module later, without having to swap to a different piece of equipment.

FlexiConn enables operators to use the PS236 as a controller for the Leica iCON robot 50 even if it is over 350 meters away, making the solution suitable for both large and small building sites.

The ranges that are generally offered by a regular Bluetooth connection are not sufficient enough to satisfy the needs of construction sites and that was what drove Leica to look for a solution that offered a greater range but delivered the same simplicity as the regularly available Bluetooth or WLAN connection.

The PS236 delivers exactly the long range answer needed and with this, Leica is able to offer its customers a complete communications solution, with an extended range far beyond the current typical distances of other controller devices.

In addition to hardware devices, Leica’s new software includes an easy to use interface and full construction terminology, making it straightforward for construction workers to navigate and making data capture and control a simplicity itself, regardless of the operating conditions.

“These devices play a central role in all site activities and perform a number of functions so it’s vital that they continue to deliver, no matter the environment,” explains Ernst Steiger, a Foreman at construction company, Morant.

By offering a fully scalable solution with the advanced software from Leica, construction site surveyors are now able to complete a variety of tasks on their own and achieve more accurate results in less working time.

“The new device is incredibly helpful.  In the past, two or even three workers were needed to do stake-outs on the construction site.  Today, this can be done individually, saving both time and manpower and increasing efficiency,” comments Phillip Boesch, Civil Engineer for construction company Implenia.

Leica Geosystems has close to 200 years of developing pioneering solutions to help measure the world, and those who use Leica products every day trust them for their dependability, the value they deliver and superior customer support.

“The tools our customers use simply have to deliver, so if it’s dirty, if it needs to operate reliably in the wet, and if the operator is not handling it with care, then the solution has to be very tough and very rugged,” explains Thomas Ammann, a Leica Geosystems Certified Partner. “The Getac device not only looks very rugged, it has already proven itself in these exacting circumstances.”

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