Getac X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server and X500 Fully Rugged Notebook are Upgraded with Blazing Speed

“In Australia, professional users in the national defence, public safety, and industrial sectors are now increasingly incorporating cloud computing and the Internet of Things into their operations. Growing numbers of government organizations and private enterprises have a need to be able to construct outdoor ad-hoc command centres during emergencies,” says Andrew Yu, Senior Product Manager at Synnex Australia. Following the upgrade, the processing power, storage capacity, expandability, and ruggedness of X500 Fully Rugged Notebook and X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server are able to even better complement the strategic capabilities of front line command & control centres. We are very honoured to introduce these two Getac products to professional users in the Australia and New Zealand regions.

The X500: A Master of Expandability Upgraded to Blazing Fast Speeds

The second generation X500 Fully Rugged Notebook is equipped with a latest generation Intel Core® i5-4300M or Core® i7-4600M processor. Using Turbo Boost technology, the CPU can dynamically raise its clock speed from 2.9GHz to 3.6GHz, and system memory is expandable up to a maximum of 16GB. The 15.6-inch Full HD (1920x1080) sunlight-readable multi-touch panel combines with a GeForce® 745M 2GB discrete graphics card to provide users with clearer, smoother image processing effects. This notebook can easily carry out many tasks simultaneously and gather large amounts of data.

The Getac X500 has incomparable expandability. A wide assortment of I/O ports allows users to extend the usage scope of the computer by connecting more peripheral devices and carrying out more tasks. This is the industry's first rugged computer to be completely equipped to military standards. Without going through any kind of customization process, users can have a completely tailor-made military-grade range of I/O ports and avoid the long and tedious waiting process that accompanies customization. The X500 provides two gigabit Ethernet ports, two RS232 serial ports, four USB ports, Express Card and PCMIA expansion slots, and both VGA and HDMI video output ports. The add-on expansion unit can also support either two PCI Express cards or two full-sized PCI cards for extreme customization needs.

The X500's ruggedness has passed military MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, and IP65 certifications as well as ANSI certification. The X500 has passed standard fungus testing and has been demonstrated to have excellent anti-fungal properties. It can be deployed in extreme temperature environments ranging from -20˚C to 55˚C, and the product's detachable fan design works to effectively shorten the time required for maintenance.

The X500 Mobile Server: Further Upgrades to Ruggedness, Portability, and Performance

The X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server is the world's first server-class laptop to take a portable yet rugged form factor. Weighing in at approximately 8.6kg, its volume is comparable to the size of a briefcase. It represents a perfect fusion of portable computer and server. After this upgrade, the X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server's CPU processing power has increased by 136% compared to the previous generation, while graphics processing speed has risen by nearly 286%.

The new X500 mobile server is equipped with the latest Intel Core® i7-4800MQ processor. The system's maximum memory has been increased from 16GB to 32GB. The graphics controller makes use of the high-end NVIDIA® GeForce® GT745M 2GB discrete graphics card. With respect to communication capabilities, 802.11ac WLAN is provided, and support for RAID level 0, 1, and 5 configurations allows for optimization of data storage capacity and prevents data loss while handling data in any harsh environment. The computer's expansion slots can accommodate up to five shock-resistant hard drives, providing storage space for a 5TB RAID array.

The X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server is powered by Microsoft Windows Server 2012, which provides network load balancing and fault tolerance, two types of server clustering technologies that work to guarantee system reliability and uptime. The mobile server is also equipped with two gigabit Ethernet ports to guarantee expandability through server cluster deployments.

The second generation X500 Fully Rugged Notebook and the second generation X500 Fully Rugged Mobile Server have officially begun. For more information on these products, please dial 1300 100 104 and consult a Synnex Account Manager or visit Getac's official website at X500 Server

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