16 October 2013

Getac Revolutionises The Mobility Market With The Latest Rugged Windows Devices

The Getac V110 is a breakthrough in rugged notebook design, providing optimum power

and performance in a new thinner package. The overall thickness of the V110 is a mere

34mm and Getac have also succeeded in breaking the all-important 2kg barrier; a key

requirement for mobility projects. The V110 provides ease of use no matter the requirement.

Use it as a notebook but with a quick twist of the unique multi-position hinge, the V110

effortlessly transforms into a tablet. Thus giving users the versatility needed for use in

various applications.


The Getac F110 also incorporates the same breakthrough in rugged design as the V110,

but encompasses this technology into a slim line tablet device. With its light weight 1.39kg

design, the F110 is capable of being used in a variety of field and mobility applications. The

F110’s 11.6” display provides an unrivalled user experience and handles complex mapping

and imagery with ease. The addition of the vehicle dock will create an ideal mobility platform,

creating a true mobile office on the go.

Both products incorporate the latest fourth generation Intel® Core™ i5-4300U (1.9GHz) or

i7-4600U (2.1GHz) processors, known as the Haswell platform, designed for speed,

performance and battery life optimisation. The i5 and i7 CPUs feature Intel Turbo Boost

Technology clocking maximum speeds up to 2.9GHz and 3.3GHz, respectively. In addition,

the new Intel HD 4400 graphics provides an unparalleled level of responsiveness and frame

rate for both 2D and 3D graphics.


“We are excited to introduce V110 and F110 to the Australian and New Zealand markets. I

believe these products will fill a gap in the market that has long been unmet. These devices

are ideal for mobility projects and field professionals in industries such as utilities, defence,

mining, emergency services, insurance, transportation and logistics. The new thin and light

rugged devices will provide an ideal platform for any mobility project without sacrificing

performance, connectivity, functionality and work efficiency” says Frank Bryan, Getac

Country Manager at Synnex Australia.

“Getac utilise dual hot-swappable batteries in the V110 and F110 allowing for endless power

by simply ‘swapping’ in a fresh battery without needing to shut down applications or the

operating system. Additionally, the technology utilised in the battery coupled with the

efficiency of the Haswell chipset provide unprecedented operation of up to 13 hours for the

V110 and 12 hours for the F110. This potentially allows for a full day operation without the

downtime of changing batteries or recharging devices in the field, allowing organisations to

increase their ROI from personnel and assets. Additionally, this is crucial for many mission

critical applications, especially in remote areas of Australia.” Mr Bryan added.

Access to corporate VPN and systems, cloud based applications and internet is critical to

many mobility projects. Both V110 and F110 are designed to build in an optional GOBI 5000

chipset offering both 3.5G and 4G LTE speeds of up to 100 mbps download and 50 mbps

upload from the major Australian telecommunication carriers. Furthermore, both devices

equip with the next generation 802.11ac WiFi, which is up to three times faster than previous

models. Additionally, new Bluetooth 4.0 technology will also boost performance in the field.

Getac have incorporated a brand new 3D antenna design that captures eight bands

improving both signal strength and throughput while reducing drop outs. And, for vehicle

deployments, tri pass-through antenna ports can be added allowing you to simultaneously

connect high-gain GPS, WWAN and WLAN roof mounted antennas.

“Accessing and storing remote data on a real time basis to corporate networks is becoming

critical for many organisations and field staff. The V110 and F110 will be able to remain

connected in areas where previously no connection was available, without the use of an

external antenna” Mr Bryan exclaimed.

The revolutionary LumiBond™ technology creates an exceptional display that can be viewed

in even the brightest areas of the Australian outback. The LumiBond™ display also offers

greater contrast and crisper colours that allows users to work on applications that were

previously unreadable. Getac have achieved this through patented technology that bonds

the gorilla glass display with the touch and LCD panel, Getac has created a single pane that

is more durable, improves readability, and provides up to 178 degree viewing angle.

The V110 and F110 are fully rugged devices certified to MILSTD-810G (drop & shock) and

IP65 (dust and water protection). Additionally both devices offer many other options such as

SIRF IV GPS providing fast GPS location fixes and coverage in challenging terrain.

“The release of the V110 and F110 will provide Synnex’s channel partners the opportunity to

deliver to their customers the most advanced mobility platform. Synnex commits to our

channel partners and works closely by providing deal registration and resources to help

secure additional business. Furthermore, the Getac dedicated support centre based in

Sydney provides reassurance that customers will be supported.

If you have an opportunity, would like to become a Getac partner, or require detailed

information please visit: https://www.getac.com or contact your Synnex Getac

Account Manager on 1300 100 104.

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  • 16 October 2013 03:04

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